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Bonner County History - Feb. 16, 2021

| February 16, 2021 1:00 AM

From the archives of the

Bonner County History Museum

611 S. Ella Ave., Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864


50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Feb. 16, 1971 – SHS NEWS

Results of voting for “Senior Bests” was as follows: Best school spirit, Connie Peterson and Dwayne Sheffler; most athletic, Claudia Ammerman and Bruce Wells; most vivacious, Tom Parkins and Jody Lee; most studious, Sharon Bolstad and Jim Pratt.



Several area people received special commendation at the Jaycee and Jay-C-Ette Distinguished Service Award banquet at the Pastime: Jim Soukup, Jaycee DSA; Mrs. Sandra Lange, Jay-C-Ette DSA; Gene Clark, Outstanding Young Farmer; Larry Miller, Outstanding Young Educator; Jack Berger, Boss of the Year; Mrs. Evelyn Schulze, Certificate of Extraordinary Merit; Chief of Police George F. Elliot, Certificate of Merit; Chet Howell, Jaycee Key Man award; Paul Pecukonis, Spoke Award (outstanding 1st year Jaycee). Retiring member Ron May was presented with an Exhausted Rooster Certificate.



The first gasoline price war in a good number of years began in earnest in Sandpoint last week. Normally the prices of regular gasoline are as high as 41.9 cents a gallon. As of Tuesday, Bill’s Mobil station, was at 29.9 cents. Most downtown stations were divided between 29.9 and 30.9 cents, but Co-op and Bud’s Conoco displayed prices of 28.9 cents.

100 Years Ago

Pend d’Oreille Review

Feb. 16, 1921 – WOMAN SAVES HOUSE

Thinking that time lost turning in an alarm would probably mean the loss of her home by fire, Mrs. Robert (Clara) Utley of 431 N. Ella threw water from a garden hose into her dining room, set ablaze Sunday morning by an overheated stove. The fire had gotten a good start while Mrs. Utley was in the kitchen, but she succeeded in quelling the flames. The furniture was saved, but the walls and ceiling were badly burned. The damage will likely total $50. “I knew that lost time would result in total destruction, so decided to do my best and went at it for all I was worth,” she said.



A strange trout was caught near the Pack river mouth, with scales, red meat and a high curving back. Nothing like it has ever been seen here.

A number of the children have whooping cough.



After the arrest of a young fellow who disclosed the source of the liquor which caused his arrest, Sheriff Kirkpatrick’s men raided the rooming house of J.E. Coleman at 416 N. 4th, arresting Coleman and taking a few bottles of liquor they found. The next day a careful search of the premises discovered two false panels and false flooring, revealing 59 quarts of liquor, most of it good Scotch and Canadian brands, valued about $1000. Coleman, who pled guilty to possessing liquor, was given 60 days in jail and a $300 fine.

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