Liberals resorting to name calling, falsehoods

| January 5, 2021 1:00 AM

Chris Kraisler (Daily Bee, Dec. 29) falsely accused me of using an ad hominem fallacy in a previous letter where I pointed out the fact that most liberals are intimidated by logic. My statement was no more a fallacy than saying that most girls are frightened by spiders and slimy things. It was simply a statement of fact, and it directly pertained to the fact that Jack DeBaun is not very good when it comes to logic.

In a splendid example of narcissism, Jack (Daily Bee, Dec. 29) accused me of having a “growing list of logical fallacies” when in fact it is really himself who has the growing list.

DeBaun falsely accused me of misquoting him even though I quoted him precisely, letter for letter. He also falsely accused me of “avoiding the issue” and “suppressing the evidence” when I was merely turning his own fallacy (poisoning the wells) against him in order to make a point.

It has never been my purpose to “disprove the reality of anthropogenic warming.” That is just another false accusation from Jack. My primary purpose in refuting the false claims of climate fanatics is to show that we are not in any kind of climate crisis. Anyone who has read my letters knows my purpose.

And where is Jack’s proof of a so-called 97% scientific consensus on this supposed climate crisis? The truth is Jack doesn’t have any proof, so he resorts to bloviating, name-calling, and outright lying.

Just like a true liberal.