Last year's protests and Democrat insurrectionists?

| January 12, 2021 1:00 AM

For more than six months last year, Americans watched in horror as the Democrat’s gangs of thugs created havoc in some of our nation’s largest cities. They burned buildings, looted stores, toppled public monuments, painted racist graffiti on public roadways, and attacked innocent people in the streets. Democrat elected officials did nothing to stop the destruction and even encouraged it.

These mobs set fire to a church directly across from the White House and destroyed nearby historical statues. They physically attacked Republican lawmakers while they were trying to walk from the White House to their hotel. The Democrats and their media allies called this “mostly peaceful demonstrations.”

However, when a group of right wing demonstrators commit the same types of violent acts, they are branded insurrectionists. Really? The hypocrisy from the left is simply beyond belief.

While what happened at the Capitol building on Jan. 6 was totally unacceptable, so was all of the mayhem and destruction perpetrated last year by BLM/antifa.