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America in a downhill slide, socially and morally

| July 4, 2021 1:00 AM

This is about athletes kneeling during the national anthem. It really upsets me (I have much stronger words, but can’t use them in print). They show disrespect for the flag, and actually in America.

It is an absolute disrespect to us war veterans. I ask myself, why did we go to war when these athletes, in my opinion, don’t give a darn about veterans, otherwise they wouldn’t be disrespecting the flag, the anthem and America. They could take up their cause in some other manner.

When they do what they are doing is wrong and I think they are doing their cause harm, not good. For example, I used to be a die-hard Seahawks fan, but when they kneeled, not anymore. Now I don’t care if they win or lose and, in fact, don’t even watch all of their games. Now the U.S. Olympic Committee says it is OK for athletes to kneel during the Olympic trials. Well, here is one war veteran that won’t be watching. They can take their Olympics and shove it as far as I am concerned.

Now I am an old fart of 82, born and raised in Sandpoint with a lot of good people. In the twilight of my life , I see America in a downhill slide, socially and morally. Seems like everyone has a cause. It was even OK to riot, break into stores, loot, blockade streets.

I think, "What in the heck is going on with these young people, what is wrong with going out, getting a job and earning a living?" But it seems like more and more people want something for nothing and our government is sure doing it.

Unfortunately, we are becoming a socialist state. For those who don’t believe me, open your eyes. Now there is even a plan in the White House to tax the assets of older people when they die. I call it the death tax. Again, if you don’t believe me, look it up.


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