Thursday, July 29, 2021

Davis Market was social center of community

| July 20, 2021 1:00 AM

When we moved to Hope, we knew we had hit a little slice of heaven. We feel as though this is land is as close to heaven as can be found. The social center of this town quickly was evident: Davis Market & Café.

The store has all the charms of a small, tight-knit town with a rich history, complete with the original signage from its previous iterations, as a reminder of its force for continued camaraderie and convenience in the community. Photos adorn the walls that reflect, in black and white, the colorful past of the town. Some of these photos are of the indigenous folks who lived here, and the family life that was, and is, common to the this lakeside community. Davis Market & Café was carefully restored and felt like a comfortable home for relaxation and conversation.

The first time I arrived here, two very large working guys came in with amber-toned coveralls and hefty boots. After they ordered at the front counter, they sat down and broke out a deck of cards, and a serious but jovial hand of Uno started immediately. It looked like they felt right at home. Many afternoons and Saturdays, local musicians gave performances that give us folks moments to reflect on our surroundings and ponder our blessings.

We have been there in the morning for fluffy pancakes, in the afternoon for a caesar wrap and double bacon cheeseburger, or an evening take-out for the special of the day. The Davises fielded many challenges to keep up this wonderful culinary and social resource. From structural upkeep to the labor shortage, they keep pushing on. Until now.

Davis Market & Café announced that it had closed Saturday, July 10, until further notice. This is a terrible turn of events. Hope, Idaho will never be the same without the Market. As much as the loss of convenience will be a hard adjustment, the loss of legacy of a wonderful social gathering place for so many years, should of concern to us all. I sincerely hope this store can be saved.