Sunday, October 17, 2021

SPIN into action

by LINNIS JELLINEK Contributing Writer
| July 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Are you a service provider, nonprofit, or agency who helps people in need or in crisis? Do you wish there was a way to talk with other service providers who offer similar services without seeming nosey? Do you wonder about gaps and overlaps in services? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then it’s time for you to SPIN into action and get answers!

The Service Provider Information Network or SPIN is a network of service providers who recognize the power of collaboration and common purpose. The concept was first initiated in 2017 by the Sandpoint Community Resource Center as a symposium to bring service providers, nonprofits, and concerned members of the community together to identify ways to better serve the needs of people in crisis or financial uncertainty.

SPIN now boasts over 250 participants who want to initiate powerful solutions to address common issues and gaps in community services. This has become a valuable community asset to both those who provide resources and those on the receiving end of services.

Prior to the pandemic we hosted quarterly SPIN meetings with topic specific agendas and speakers where between sixty and eighty people were in attendance. Topics included “mental health,” “access to healthcare.” “substance abuse.” “urgent housing.” “champions for women” and, the last one which we had to cancel in april 2020 was “youth solutions.” During the pandemic we moved to monthly ZOOM calls so that we could continue communication and support.

We are once again ready to meet in person at our new location, the Community Resource EnVision Center on Aug. 26 from 8-10 a.m. We’ll pick up where we left off and we will focus on “youth solutions.” All service providers, nonprofits, parents, grandparents, teachers, or just an interested member of our community are invited to attend. If you serve the youth in any way, please join us.

There are so many who are genuinely interested in supporting the youth in our community. After experiencing 2020 we are moving from surviving to thriving! SPIN into action with us in August and hear from high school principals, health care professionals and, youth leaders. There will also be speakers to share about employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

Please call 208-920-1840 if you are interested in participating in this event. Space is limited to 60 people. Attend this SPIN meeting to connect with other service providers and leaders as we continue to promote the four foundational pillars of success: economic empowerment, educational advancement, health & wellness and character & leadership.