Monday, June 21, 2021

Get involved, get a voice and vote

| June 6, 2021 1:00 AM

The demand by our Bonner County Republican Central Committee for the resignation of Senator Jim Woodward is ridiculous; as well as a tragic commentary on the state of North Idaho politics. This demand has no credibility and is out of touch with what conservative voters of Bonner County want. However, it does indicate the extremism in the BCRCC and their desire to dominate the Republican Party.

In the last two decades North Idaho has experienced an inward migration of far right individuals. Often they are retired, have raised their families elsewhere and have no community commitment except to dominate the Republican Party. With the help of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, they have done that and gained control of both Bonner and Kootenai Republican central committees.

Instead of building a better Republican Party based on good conservative values, they foster extreme ideologies, create toxic environments, and drive out respectable conservatives. Without any balance the extremists are free to stir the pot as they please. Suggesting that Senator Woodward resign is such an example.

Who is Senator Woodward? Senator Woodward is a lifelong Idahoan who is a true Republican. Educated at the University of Idaho, he went he served his country in the U.S. Navy on nuclear missile submarines. Upon completion he returned to Idaho where he and his family reside and he has built a successful construction business. His decision to run for office was based on a desire to give back to the community — not for power or control.

Senator Woodward listens to his constituents, researches, and makes good conservative decisions for the good of North Idaho citizens. The voters rewarded him in the last election of 2020 with 22,433 votes; a number above all other legislators. He practices conservative principles. His voting record reflects what North Idaho conservatives want: economic growth, public education support, good infrastructure, and smaller, efficient government.

While Senator Woodward has been working on our behalf, the BCRCC and the IFF were practicing “extreme government overreach.” Witness the 2021 legislative session where some of these representatives demonstrated such reckless legislative behavior they managed to extend the legislative session to 122 days and created a cost overrun of $511,000. They held up educational funding, introduced irrelevant fringe bills and sought to take controls from the governor. The conservative voters of Idaho did not benefit from this “excessive overreach” but the far right legislators did, generating per diem income from the extra days. Senator Woodward refused his pay.

Now after disrupting the Legislature, creating time and cost expenditures, they want Senator Woodward to resign! When do we as good conservative citizens say enough is enough? How long do we turn a blind eye to the extremism before us? And when do we the citizens say we are part of the problem?

Working together gives us the best solutions. But what happens when a group decides they know better than anyone else and that they want control and blind obedience instead of a democratic process? That is where we are today and it is unacceptable. We need to get to it! Time is short. Our North Idaho way of life, our Republican Party, and our democracy is at stake. It doesn’t take much. Get informed. Get involved. Get a voice and vote! The voters are the only ones that can make this right!