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Urge elected officials to step up, protect our freedoms

by HEATHER SCOTT Contributing Writer
| March 7, 2021 1:00 AM

The Idaho Legislature has just finished our eighth week in session and unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of wins for the people.

We have yet to end the governor’s emergency orders or pass any legislation to protect Idaho citizens from the social justice programs, gun restrictions, and other mounting attacks on our rights and freedoms coming from the federal government. If you were unable to attend my live update call, or missed my last newsletter, has archived these to review. Topics of my recent call include federal executive orders, language changes being made by the governor's office (shall to must), Idaho’s emergency orders, and insertion of domestic terrorist, terrorism, and insurrection language in Idaho Code.

Please continue to urge your elected officials at all levels to step up, fully honor their sworn oaths and take very seriously their responsibility to secure your rights and freedoms. We cannot afford for any elected official to waiver or ignore their duties in these most critical of times.

The federal government has a $1.9 trillion stimulus package ready to distribute to the states which will continue to fundamentally change America. The apparent goal of the federal government is a total federalization of the country, including Idaho. This is sometimes referred to as cooperative federalism. Any responsible, limited government, freedom loving legislator, county commissioner, or bureaucrat who believes in state sovereignty and the 10th Amendment, and tries to stop the federal spigot, will most likely be marginalized, demonized, litigated, and/or removed from their position in targeted elections.

Deflated dollars will continue pouring into Idaho with strings attached making our state and citizens more dependent on the federal government and expedite the ushering in global agendas and goals. The Idaho governor and most progressive legislators find it hard to resist the temptation to take the money in exchange for our state sovereignty.  Every federal dollar Idaho takes will include a string attached, many which will further the sustainable development goals at the expense of families, small businesses, personal and religious freedoms.

The World Economic Forum and the United Nations signed a strategic partnership framework in 2019 to fund and accelerate the 17 Agenda-2030 sustainable development goals. This initiative is being carried out with WEF global corporate partners, wealthy foundations, non-governmental agencies and world governments. These partners hold the belief that “meeting these goals are essential to the future of humanity.” Their new world religion believes the 5G network,  artificial intelligence and  algorithms will  solve the world's problems. Their plan, “The Great Reset,”  has begun. The six focus areas of the partnership include 1) finance, 2) climate change, 3) health, 4) digital cooperation, gender equality ad empowerment of women, and education and skills.

Governor Little’s actions show his willing participation in the Great Reset agenda. He is a member of the National Governors Association, which has formed a partnership with the WEF. Top down initiatives and policies are pushed through this governor’s network onto unsuspecting states.

The lobby group Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry regularly targets constitutional conservative candidates to ensure that the road to globalism is clear of obstacles who might promote freedom and liberty. Several corporate members of IACI are also partners with the WEF. These same corporate partners are supporting the governor’s prolonged lockdown plan putting small mom-and-pop businesses out of business. They are using government to remove their competition and increase and monopolize their market share.

Many Idaho legislators and agencies are implementing the Great Reset agenda’s right here at home. They either don’t understand what is happening, don’t care, or are in favor of the Great Reset. Some examples include Idaho legislators voting to increase access to broadband and connectivity to meet the WEF goal of accelerating internet to every area (SB 1149). Idaho legislators complying to the WEF goal of increased 5G for health services and electronic health data records (SB 1127). Idaho schools complying by using new “real time tracking Kinsa thermometers to share children’s health data nationwide to meet the WEF goal of health and digital cooperation to transform society.

Where do your legislators stand? Educate yourself and others and hold legislators accountable if you want to keep Idaho independent and free.

In summary, global corporations who are WEF partners are investing money into projects that will advance the Great Reset plan. The federal government is making financial "investments" into 5G networks and other projects that advance this agenda. The new “federally funded Idaho” will be one of citizen management by technocrats, scientists, and other deemed “experts”, which can now easily be accomplished with 5G networks providing the data. All activity will be digitized, recorded, tracked and easily shared. It is happening now in Idaho with healthcare, banking, education, as well as many other activities. Idaho is not exempt from these global efforts. Many Idaho elected officials are participating. To understand your legislators voting habits, you can visit the Freedom Index tab at Idaho Freedom Foundation. The million-dollar question is: Will you do anything about it?

Rep. Heather Scott represents Bonner and Boundary counties in the Idaho Legislature in District 1A. She can be reached at

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