Saturday, June 19, 2021

Bonner General Health welcomes back volunteers

by KRISTIN CARLSON Contributing Writer
| May 19, 2021 1:00 AM

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic forced Bonner General Health to restrict individuals inside the hospital, including our hard-working hospital volunteers.

BGH is pleased to announce the re-entry of the Volunteer Council, getting them back to doing what they love: Volunteering their time to the services, patients, and staff at BGH.

Even though the volunteers could not serve in their traditional capacity, they continued to lend a helping hand behind the scenes. They even continued the tradition of honoring a volunteer of the year; or make that three! Congratulations to the Volunteers of the Year and Honorary Volunteer 2020. (Presentations paraphrased from the words of Margo Johnson.)

Debby Stutler: It is always hard to find just one dedicated volunteer to give special honors to. This volunteer shows up extra days and seems to have those special abilities.

Doing more than her share, she floats with intention from task to task through the hospital departments, filling in where needed, making sure the baby bags have the quilts she made, and takes care of the finances. She is there to keep watch and cash up at the Parade of Trees event in December. She’s at our bake sale selling treats, taking change, and everything needed to make things run smooth.

All of this, in addition to handling the finances at her church and helping with her grandchildren. One wonders does she take a breath? Indeed, a job well done. Congratulations to Debby Stutler, Volunteer of the Year 2020.

Becky Stone: Everyone chosen for Volunteer of the Year has their picture displayed inside the hospital. Some deserved good praise, a gift certificate, acknowledgment.

Becky is extraordinary: an unmistakable voice, with great suggestions, always concerned for everyone. She took office when no one else was willing or we couldn’t fill. Volunteering at many positions, any event, with an “I will.” She volunteers making quilts, tummy pillows, masks, and hats; helps with our occasional newsletter to make it exciting and colorful; assists with the Hospice Rose Event. She never complains, is always willing to help, and will stay until the job is done.

In addition to volunteering at BGH, she is an officer in the local Elks Club. Thank you, Becky, and congratulations, Volunteer of the Year 2020.

Lynn Rodda: BGH Honorary Volunteer 2020. Honorary Volunteer is a recognition that takes many years to achieve. This person puts in many hours, commitment, receives praise from peers, willingness to do extra duties, and dedication to the core.

The honor in our organization needs a person with sincerity in their voice. When decisions are made, and voting is required, she will always have a voice. She has suffered a tragedy, loss, and health issues but managed to remain strong. With a cane in hand, she comes to visit and see how the volunteers are doing. She is concerned for others, so caring, loved by the Volunteers and hospital staff too.

Congratulations to Lynn Rodda, BGH Honorary Volunteer 2020.

Please join Bonner General Health in welcoming back the Volunteer Council. Our community is so fortunate to have this caring group of men and women.