Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Daily COVID research ends with many questions

| November 21, 2021 1:00 AM

I spend hours daily researching COVID in an effort to keep myself and my family healthy. I look to highly vaccinated countries that have been afflicted with the “Delta” variant longer than the U.S. as a bell weather for what we might see here. Sometimes the numbers are hard to reconcile.

With 80% of the Israeli population fully vaccinated and 25% have had the booster Israel had one of the highest rates of new infections, peaking in September. They subsequently pushed boosters and the rates dropped. The questions remain: Will they need boosters every six months? How can this be called a vaccine? ( and

Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India with 241 million people, is only 5.8% vaccinated. Since the switch from vaccines back to Ivermectin in April, the case load of 3,107,830 was reduced by 99%. They now have no new cases and boast a far lower fatality rate than the U.S. (

The El Salvador government gives every citizen a coronavirus kit which includes ivermectin, vitamins C and D3, zinc and azithromycin plus instructions. And the numbers? U.S. deaths per 1 million are 2,375. El Salvador 569. U.S. cases per 1 million are 145,136. El Salvador 17,926. What’s wrong with this picture? Are our health agencies are killing us by denying therapeutic care and forcing ineffective vaccines. ( and

The foregoing begs a few questions: How can the US be reporting 95% of all cases are the unvaccinated, while the Israel’s numbers are so different? How can an Indian state of 241 million people, crowded shoulder to shoulder, have such a low COVID rate when only 20% of their populace is vaccinated? How can a small country like El Salvador have better results than the best health system in the world?



Editor’s note: The Israel Ministry of Health has said the analysis of the Maccabi study is incorrect and said the country’s analysis shows a substantially higher risk to those who are unvaccinated. CDC and health officials say COVD-19’s decline in Uttar Pradesh took place following “Test-Track-Treat" protocol and India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare notes India dropped the use of ivermectin from national guidance five months before the Gateway Pundit report. CDC officials recommend against the use of ivermectin, commonly used as a dewormer, and azithromycin, saying the drugs are not authorized to treat COVID-19 and misuse is resulting in adverse effects.