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LPOIC derby leads unchanged

| November 26, 2021 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — While anglers took Thursday off to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, the action is set to heat up again as the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho's Club's annual fall derby resumes.

While the adult kokanee and mackinaw division didn't see any changes stop the leaderboard, Damian Porter caught his way into the top spot in the Junior Division with a nice rainbow on Wednesday.

Holding the top spot in the adult rainbow division is Charlie Miller of Hayden, who caught a 25.90-pound, 36 1/2-inch rainbow Tuesday. Lindsay Barker of Sagle is in second with 24.20-pound, 37 1/4-inch beauty. Tory Johnson is third with a 22.63-pound, 36-inch fish on Sunday. Andy Friemel of Spokane Valley is fourth with a 22.20-pound, 33-inch rainbow.

Miller, Barker and Friemel released their fish. Johnson opted to not release his fish.

"Released means that the fish listed was released after weighing in," the club's Dave Gillespie said. "These fish were brought into the weigh station, weighed and then released back into the lake to be caught another day."

The process involves the use of net bags to move the fish around during the scaling process, and for live release back into the water, Gillespie said.

On the mackinaw side of the leader board, Jennifer Verdal continues to hold the top spot with a 20.7-pound, 38 1/4-inch mackinaw. Second place is held by Zac Taylor, 17.39-pound, 36-inches; and James Carothers is third, 14.05 pounds, 33 inches.

Rounding out the top 10 are Gale Belgarde Sr., fourth; Bert Dennett, fifth; Brad Sturgis, sixth; Damian Vess, seventh; Becky Sturgis, eighth; Dave Janicki, ninth; and Gary Thompson, tenth.

2021 LPOIC

Fall Thanksgiving Derby

Unofficial standings

(Thursday, Nov. 25)

Adult Rainbow Division

  1. Charlie Miller, 25.90 pounds, 36.50 inches (released); 2. Lindsay Barker, 24.20, 37 1/4 inches (released); 3. Tory Johnson, 22.63, 36 inches (not released); 4. Andy Friemel, 22.20, 33 inches (released).

Adult Mackinaw

  1. Jennifer Verdal, 20.7 pounds, 38 1/4 inches; 2. Zac Taylor, 10.45, 29 1/4; 5. 9. Bert Dennett, 10.21, 29 1/4; 6. Brad Sturgis, 7.75, 27 3/4; 7. Damian Vess, 7.10, 27; 8. Becky Sturgis, 7.05, 26 3/4; 9. Dave Janicki, 6.10, 24 1/2; 10. Gary Thompson, 5.60, 25.

Youth A

  1. Lyla Shelton, 31 inches, rainbow (released); 2. Mason Poole, 30.75 inches, rainbow (released); 3. Fisher LaRue, 28 3/4, rainbow (released).

Youth B

  1. Savannah Long, 31 1/2 inches, rainbow (released); 2. Thomas Landingham, 22, rainbow (released); 3. Ember Shelton, 21 inches, mackinaw

Junior Division

  1. Damian Porter, 12.68 pounds, 32 1/2 inches (released).

Mackinaw of the Day

Saturday, Nov. 20 - Jennifer Verdal

Sunday, Nov. 21 - James Carothers

Monday, Nov. 22 - Gale Belgarde Sr.

Tuesday, Nov. 23 - Gale Belgarde Sr.

Wednesday, Nov. 24 — Gale Belgarde Sr.

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