Friday, December 03, 2021

State 'buying' votes with ill-spent budget surplus

| October 3, 2021 1:00 AM

Sending money to voters is perhaps effective campaign bribery for those gullible, Fox News-watching, cerebrally questionable Idahoans. But how much more admirable, how much prouder would we Idaho citizens be if our public school teachers didn't have to pay from their own pockets for many of the materials they need to teach school!

Educationally bottom-tier states such as Arkansas, Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi and Utah (which spends far more on religion than on public education) have nothing on educationally primitive Idaho. In evaluating public education, on which America's tomorrow depends, we are at the back of the pack or close to it in every competitive measurement. But, by golly, we have a record budget surplus and tax refunds! Refunds instead of an educated citizenry. Ours is a third class public education system from a third-class state legislature dominated by provincial oafs.

The same might be said of Idaho's two U.S. senators, Risch and Crapo. Two Big Lie lackeys who, by their deadly silence, share heavy responsibility for America's current hate culture and attacks on democracy led by their anti-America ex-President mentor. The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, KKK and fellow U.S. saboteurs must admire and idolize those two obligingly silent senators.

Please stop buying voters and boasting of Idaho's "economic prosperity," Governor, when our public education is a national disgrace. Idaho's parochial legislature is funding a generation not of honorable, responsible citizens equipped for what's ahead, but of insular dummies destined to bring up the rear economically and socially. Buy educated citizens for tomorrow with your ill-spent budget surplus -- not more uninformed, disenfranchised failures dedicated to the destruction of this nation.