Monday, October 18, 2021

SHS swim battles Skyline in sole home meet

| October 9, 2021 8:00 AM

SANDPOINT — The Litehouse YMCA was buzzing Friday night for a dual between Sandpoint and Skyline.

It was the Bulldogs first and only home meet of the season, so the pool was rocking and the noise inside was deafening. During the meet, SHS honored its three seniors — Jack Grzinic, Hayden Leavitt and Sophie Dignan.

The girls earned a 91-79 victory over Skyline, while the boys fell to the Grizzlies 104-49.

Head coach Greg Jackson said the pool at the Litehouse YMCA unexpectedly closed on Thursday, which disrupted the Bulldogs’ training heading into the dual. But Sandpoint overcame that adversity and posted some impressive results.

The girls took first in all three relays against the Grizzlies and won six of the eight individual events. Skyline captured seventh in the virtual state swim meet last year.

“On the girls side, it was awesome to see how well we can perform against another top team from around the state,” Jackson said. “Our juniors have really stepped up under the leadership of captain Ayiana Prevost, and as much as Emily Ballard doesn't want to be recognized for it, she is also working in the background to keep her teammates on track and committed to the goal.”

Freshman phenom Ryleigh Bamer led the way, grabbing first in the 200-meter freestyle and 100 butterfly. Ballard, a junior, won the 200 individual medley and 100 breaststroke.

“Ballard showed great poise in the beginning of her 100 breaststroke,” Jackson said. “ She's been training hard, and she died off a little, but I think when rested, she could be a huge competitor at the state level in that event.”

Freshman Ava de Leeuw placed first in the 400 free and second in the 200 free, and junior McKinley Jensen earned first in the 100 backstroke and fourth in the 100 fly.

“Jensen did amazing in the 100 backstroke,” Jackson said.

Prevost took home second in the 50 free and third in the 100 fly, junior Maren Davidson secured second in the 100 free and third in the 100 back, and sophomore Cassidy Aitken was third in the 100 breast and fifth in the 50 free.

Freshman Terra Converse finished fourth in the 400 free and fifth in the 200 IM.

Prevost, de Leeuw, Bamer, Davidson, Jensen and Ballard were all a part of the first-place relays for the girls.

The boys placed second in the 200 free and 400 free relays thanks to strong swims from Grzincic, Leavitt, freshman Max Zuberbuhler and junior captain Caleb Norling. Leavitt captured the sole individual victory for the boys in the 50 free.

“On the boys side, it was great to match up the swimmers with similar abilities from the other team,” Jackson said. “We had some amazing races, especially in our relays.”

Norling grabbed second in the 200 IM and third in the 100 free, Grzincic earned a pair of second-place finishes in the 200 free and 100 backstroke and Leavitt also took second in the 100 free.

Sophomore Harrison Gedde placed second in the 100 breast and fourth in the 50 free.

Jackson said Gedde had a great performance in the 100 breast.

“He showed a lot of potential in his race, and could very likely fill a void in the breaststroke that we have been feeling for the last few years,” he said.

Zuberbuhler nabbed second in the 400 free and third in the 50 free, and Lon LeBlanc was fifth in the 50 free and sixth in the 100 free.

“I'm proud of what they brought to meet,” Jackson said about the boys, “and even more excited about the great potential our sophomore boys have shown. Harrison, Luc [LeBlanc] and Lon have all continued to work hard and improve their strokes.”

Jackson said the lineups he put together for Friday’s meet were meant to create more competitive races, not necessarily win a dual. He believes the boys would have done a little bit better against Skyline if he would have put each of his swimmers in their strongest event.

“They just have more depth than us with three additional boys,” he said.

The Bulldogs face Lakeland and Skyline in a dual meet at the Kroc Center in Coeur d’Alene today.



DUAL SCORE — Sandpoint 91, Skyline 79.

200-meter medley relay — 1, Sandpoint (Ava de Leeuw, Ayiana Prevost, Ryleigh Bamer, Maren Davidson), 2:25.03. 5, Sandpoint (Sophie Dignan, Cassidy Aitken, Terra Converse, Emma Schmitt), 2:52.00.

200 freestyle — 1, Ryleigh Bamer, 2:27.42. 2, Ava de Leeuw, 2:29.54. 6, Sadie Dignan, 3:10.17.

200 individual medley — 1, Emily Ballard, 2:49.57. 5, Terra Converse, 3:18.13.

50 freestyle — 2, Ayiana Prevost, 31.59. 5, Cassidy Aitken, 37.39. 6, Sophie Dignan, 38.14.

100 butterfly — 1, Ryleigh Bamer, 1:16.14. 3, Ayiana Prevost, 1:27.31. 4, McKinley Jensen, 1:34.75.

100 freestyle — 2, Maren Davidson, 1:13.80. 4, Emma Schmitt, 1:20.52. 8, Georgia Gedde, 1:27.25.

400 freestyle — 1, Ava de Leeuw, 5:15.89. 4, Terra Converse, 6:01.50.

200 freestyle relay — 1, Sandpoint (Emily Ballard, McKinley Jensen, Maren Davidson, Ryleigh Bamer), 2:08.23. 3, Sandpoint (Cassidy Aitken, Sophie Dignan, Georgia Gedde, Sadie Dignan), 2:30.48.

100 backstroke — 1, McKinley Jensen, 1:22.52. 3, Maren Davidson, 1:23.29. 7, Sophie Dignan, 1:48.11.

100 breaststroke — 1, Emily Ballard, 1:30.41. 3, Cassidy Aitken, 1:43.27. 6, Sadie Dignan, 1:48.92.

400 freestyle relay — 1, Sandpoint (Ayiana Prevost, McKinley Jensen, Ava de Leeuw, Emily Ballard), 4:40.90. 4, Sandpoint (Emma Schmitt, Georgia Gedde, Sadie Dignan, Terra Converse), 5:38.43.



DUAL SCORE — Skyline 104, Sandpoint 49.

200-meter medley relay — 3, Sandpoint (Luc LeBlanc, Harrison Gedde, Lon LeBlanc, Calvin Williams), 3:13.34.

200 freestyle — 2, Jack Grzincic, 2:16.31.

200 individual medley — 2, Caleb Norling, 2:26.23.

50 freestyle — 1, Hayden Leavitt, 25.57. 3, Max Zuberbuhler, 29.88. 4, Harrison Gedde, 30.67. 5, Lon LeBlanc, 31.22. 9, Calvin Williams, 1:03.62.

100 freestyle — 2, Hayden Leavitt, 57.00. 3, Caleb Norling, 57.22. 6, Lon LeBlanc, 1:13.36. 8, Calvin Williams, 2:24.15.

400 freestyle — 2, Max Zuberbuhler, 5:34.91.

200 freestyle relay — 2, Sandpoint (Jack Grzincic, Max Zuberbuhler, Hayden Leavitt, Caleb Norling), 1:49.59. 4, Sandpoint (Calvin Williams, Harrison Gedde, Luc LeBlanc, Lon LeBlanc), 2:40.01.

100 backstroke — 2, Jack Grzincic, 1:14.67.

100 breaststroke — 2, Harrison Gedde, 1:38.26.

400 freestyle relay — 2, Sandpoint (Jack Grzincic, Max Zuberbuhler, Caleb Norling, Hayden Leavitt), 4:14.44.



Senior Jack Grzincic competes in the 200-meter freestyle during Friday's dual. The Bulldogs honored their seniors during the home meet.