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Peters has families best interests at heart

| October 10, 2021 1:00 AM

We, as Idahoans, are at a crossroad. Will we keep slowing being boiled alive like a lazy frog that simply will not jump to safety? Idaho has become a refuge to many. In order for us to keep us one. Each of us needs to get involved in our community.

Elections are an opportunity for we, the people of Idaho, to hire Representatives to represent us. Now is the time to do you research about the candidates. Tell a friend, neighbor or coworker, help elect a candidate that represents you. Our schools are not serving our children. Lake Pend Oreille School District has an average math proficiency score of 46% and reading proficiency score of 59% costing at taxpayers expense of $6,923.00 per student as of 2018. This year thanks to the school levy my property tax will increase $500. If we go back in America's history our children received a better education and went to school less time for less money.

My voting decision this year is not an emotional one it is a factual one. The only candidate supporting a balanced budget and discontinuing the levy is Jalon Peters. Do you want parental monitoring of the classroom and extracurricular activities? Who has the children's best interest at heart? The parents. And that is just one of the issues Jalon Peters wants to tackle as your LPOSD board member. Please get involved and visit


Spirit Lake

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