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With Suppiger, we can focus on what's important

| October 10, 2021 1:00 AM

Lake Pend Oreille schools have a lot to deal with this school year. The health of our students and faculty, and the success of education are at stake with the threat of COVID-19, and how response to this continues to be. Schools are in danger of closing should a significant outbreak happen.

When did we lose sight of the education and development of our children?

When did the focus change from them, to "fighting mask wearing"?  Really?

Shouldn't our children learn all they can in a year, so they will be better equipped to become functioning adults?

I am a retired educator: teacher, school counselor, diagnostician. I know what it is like in the schools, from working in several school districts. Everyone in those schools were interested in children first; would do whatever they could to help children develop their minds in academics and become well rounded adults, equipped to handle whatever life has to offer. With the staff of LPOSD, I see the same focus, but this year with a huge distraction from this goal.

On November 2, for the return to the support of our children, LPOSD School Board must have the re-election of Gary Suppiger, a parent of LPOSD graduates, volunteer in classrooms, math tutor, who has taken students to statewide competitions.

Let's get back to basics and focus on what is important — our children and their future.



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