Monday, October 18, 2021

Frytz Mor is a great pick for all of Sandpoint

| October 14, 2021 1:00 AM

I am writing about my friend, Frytz Mor, who is running for Sandpoint City Council.

I first met Frytz a year or so ago, in the cafe that I manage (City Beach Organics). I have always liked how easy he is to talk to and share ideas with. He’s a great family man and father to his four children. I’ve served him and his son Elijah on multiple occasions.

There are many great candidates running in this election, but I think Frytz is a great candidate for ALL the people of Sandpoint. He is extremely connected to local business owners (I’ve personally seen him meeting with many of them downtown) but doesn’t have any of his own conflicts of interest. He’s not Republican or Democrat, just a dude trying to help his town thrive. He’s putting infrastructure (Hello, solid waste treatment plant being ignored for years!) first.

He also will not compromise when it comes to health freedom and the right to choose what goes in your body, which is extremely important to me. We’re seeing cities throughout the country pushing vaccine mandates, and while I think people should get the vaccine if they feel thats what they need to do, its not something we can choose for each other in a free country. Frytz will do everything to protect that right.

As a homeowner in Sandpoint that works in Sandpoint, I’m very invested in the community. I truly believe Frytz Mor is a great candidate for Sandpoint City Council. Vote Nov. 2.