Monday, October 18, 2021

Jason Welker is the best pick for council

| October 14, 2021 1:00 AM

“Only when citizens are engaged can we expect development to take place in a way that respects local values and protects what we love most about our town!"

That was the phrase that convinced me to support Jason Welker for Sandpoint City Council on Nov. 2. The comment, on Welker’s Facebook page, was related to the August 17, 2021, meeting of Planning and Zoning. 

It’s hard these days to find an elected official who wants citizen involvement. Many run based on ideology, or because they have a chip on their shoulder, or because they see public office as a way to private profits.

Jason Welker, current chair of the city of Sandpoint’s Planning and Zoning Commission, actually wants to hear from those of us who live and work in Sandpoint. He is committed to working for us to keep Sandpoint great. 

Welker is extremely well-qualified having lived and worked in our community for almost two decades. He understands economics, policy and law, and he is experienced. This experience comes through when he convenes meetings of Planning and Zoning. I’ve listened to the meetings and his professionalism and knowledge is impressive. Recently, I personally met him and was struck at how approachable he is, and how willing he is to listen to all sides.

I encourage you to join me in picking the best. Vote for Jason Welker for Sandpoint City Council on Nov. 2.