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David Sundquist

| October 20, 2021 1:00 AM

David Sundquist

Kootenai City Council

Education: 1 year Eastern Michigan University

Occupation: Sales

Family: Tina, wife, Makayla, daughter, Paul, son

  1. I was appointed in 2003, I found that I had an affinity , so I have run four additional times

  2. I enjoy finding ways to maximize the resources a small city has.

  3. No. 1: In a town the size of Kootenai, having everyone comply with city ordinances reduces the pressure on our staff.

No. 2: Utilizing all of our resources, real property, staff, money is a constant issue.

No. 3: Having competing governments on all of our boundaries puts stress on our council to maintain our community feel.

  1. No. 1: Helping the public be aware of ordinances, and then have an enforcement strategy.

No. 2: Realistic budgets, finding grants.and or matching funding, re-use, renew, recycle as many things as we can.

No. 3: Engaging with Bonner County and city of Ponderay to be as compatible as possible with new projects.

  1. Finish the work started on revising our Comp Plan.

  2. As far as I can determine, there has been no exposure on the city council race. If there were, then I would want to focus on continuity.

  3. Small town, scarce resources, we need to work together.

  4. Yes. We have improved our real resources, ie, paved roads, more walkways, trails, paths, and improved modality. All the while maintaining low taxes, and our small town feel

  5. How would your actions as a city councilperson affect your neighbors? As elected officials, we must bear in mind that the people who live here have a vested interested in their property. I will not ask the existing residents to pay for someone else's dream or project.

  6. As wages in North Idaho remain below the regional average, local employers need to help offset cost of living. Repealing the grocery tax would be an immediate 6% raise in our food budget. SPOT is a great resource, add in to that would help lower transportation costs. Health care costs could be lowered by creating a local group health care group.

More employers join a plan, lower costs. Public/private administration combine. Adding high density housing, without added infrastructure is just moving problems into the future.

  1. See above

  2. More electronic attendance methods.

More education, from elementary school on through working adulthood, to get people more engaged. Keep public decision making public, be sure that elected officials can explain, in practical terms, how they come to their decisions. Be available.