Tuesday, May 24, 2022

George E. Eskridge

| October 20, 2021 1:00 AM

George E. Eskridge

Dover mayoral candidate

Education: BA in Business Administration

Occupation: Retired

Family: Married to Jenise I. Stilwell; two sons, Perry and James

  1. Because of water infrastructure and other issues between traditional Dover and Dover Bay development our community of Dover is experiencing division and disagreement among citizens of Dover. My priority is to resolve these issues and bring Dover together as one town with one purpose, ie, to come together as one community working together to solve our issues to insure Dover’s bright future for generations to come.

  2. Member of Bonner County Area Transportation team; Director of Idaho Energy Resources Authority, Senior Community Relations Officer for Bonneville Power Administration in Boise, Idaho and above all a Third generation resident of Dover and as a result I have witnessed our town grow from a small lumber mill town with dim prospects to the vibrant recreational destination we are today.

  3. 1: to preserve our access to recreational amenities within our city. 2: Improve our town’s transportation infrastructure including walking, biking paths, streets and 3. safety entering and leaving Dover from Highway 2

  4. Continue Dover involvement in the Bonner County Area Transportation Team; continue Dover’s involvement in developing the Urban Transportation plan, continue using the Dover Comprehensive plan as guidance and then with the assistance of the Dover engineer and encouraging citizen involvement we can find solutions to these issues.

  5. Review past council minutes, agreements between the city and other entities to bring myself up-to-date on current issues before the city.

  6. A great amount of attention is being given to disagreements between the city and Dover Bay development on infrastructure, ie; water, etc. at the expense of other issues in other areas of the city such as street conditions on Pine Street and Ontario Street as well as speeding concerns on Upper and Lower Syringa roads as examples.

  7. Get involved in your city government by attending city council meetings, planning and zoning meetings and DURA (Dover Urban Renewal Agency) meetings and finally become familiar with the Dover website to be informed of Dover issues.

  8. I believe our current government is attempting to go in the right direction by encouraging citizen involvement in regular meetings and attempting to make the Dover website a useful tool in assisting Dover residents who are interested in Dover government actions to keep informed and having opportunities to be involved in their government.

  9. Why are you seeking the office you are are wanting the voters to elect you to represent them. My response is outlined in question No. 1.

  10. I will combine questions 10 and 11 with one response: This is a very difficult question for Dover. We are restricted in available to pursue any meaningful affordable housing programs;

Dover’s best role is to encourage adjacent jurisdictions such as Sandpoint to revise their permit requirements, lot sizes and housing sizes to help reduce the cost of housing. Dover businesses will likely be small individual concerns addressing our status as a resort and vacation community providing service type employment opportunities providing a lesser wage than that provided by bigger businesses or manufacturing entities.

  1. See No. 10

  2. See No. 7