Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Robert Rutan

| October 20, 2021 1:00 AM

Robert Rutan

Kootenai City Council

Education: BA in Cross-Cultural Communication

Occupation: Business Owner and CEO

Family: 4 adult children and 11 grandchildren

  1. This small community has become my home. I want to help Kootenai retain its own identity, while assisting it to become stronger and the best it can be.

  2. I have been in a leadership role for many years, while previously owning and operating a construction company. As a younger man, I served as an assistant pastor and youth leader. Currently I own a company that developed and manufactures a medical device, sold in the U.S. and internationally. All of these roles have provided many experiences in communication, goal-setting, and seeing results achieved.

  3. In my opinion, three of the most important issues are:

  4. Maintaining the city of Kootenai as its own independent small town.

  5. Monitoring the influx of too many large housing developments, when the basic infrastructure is not in place to handle the growth. This would include adequate roadways to handle increased traffic, electric, water and sewer.

  6. Encouraging more community involvement and opportunities for residents of Kootenai to voice their concerns about issues impacting their families.

  7. As a Kootenai City Council member, I will work together with the other members and voice my thoughts and concerns about the importance of keeping Kootenai independent, of the issue of too many housing developments being constructed without adequate infrastructure, and help organize community events that will bring us together and give opportunities to express concerns. Together we should be able to find solutions that benefit Kootenai.

  8. First, I will get to know the other council members and familiarize myself with the existing structure of the meetings, and strive to be an active, helpful and valuable part of the Kootenai City Council.

  9. Keeping our freedoms intact as Americans, such as freedom of choice over our own health. An experimental vaccination is not something that should be mandated by a local health department or any other governmental officials at the local, state or federal level.

  10. Stand up and be heard, be united and strong together as a community, stay free.

  11. No I do not. Those who are in control currently are definitely leaning far left into pushing policies and laws that will make America become a socialist country. This is what our forefathers left behind when forming the democracy of America. This is why thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives defending our freedom against socialism and ultimately communism. We must stand against this ideology if we want to retain our freedoms.

  12. Q: “Where do you stand on the current issue of Critical Race Theory” being taught to school children? A: I am totally against CRT, and anything that will cause more racism and racial tensions in our communities. Schools should be teaching that all races are important, equal, and valued in society; not promoting the idea that the color of one’s skin automatically makes them a racist or a terrorist.

  13. Honestly, this is an issue that I will need to investigate more fully by speaking with local Kootenai city employers and listening to their ideas and concerns. I definitely do see that it is a problem in our communities, especially with the influx of people moving here from other places.

  14. It seems that there have been more workforce housing developments built in recent years. However, I would look at current population census records and statistics regarding this issue. If it is truly an issue in Kootenai, I would like to address it with the other council members.

  15. I believe when a critical issue arises that will affect all the residents of a community, there needs to be a town hall kind of meeting held, where people can express their views and concerns. I also believe that since we are a democracy, a vote should be taken. The outcome will help the Kootenai City Council to know how the majority of residents believe about the issue in question, and help guide their decision.