Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Make your voice count, vote for Frytz Mor

| October 21, 2021 1:00 AM

Regarding the upcoming November election for openings on the Sandpoint City Council, I felt inclined to write in. Now, more than ever, we must exercise extreme discretion in who we elect to represent the people of Sandpoint.

Whether people like it or not, Sandpoint has broken into the mainstream. People are seeking refuge in our beautiful area for a myriad of reasons. Speaking to the countless new residents, a common thread and primary driver has been the erosion of once guaranteed liberties. Sandpoint and North Idaho represent the preservation of these liberties to many moving here.

With this growth comes many complex challenges. Housing, infrastructure, and taxes to name a few. Accordingly, these issues will require complex solutions. We need strong elected officials who are not afraid to take a public stance on unpopular issues and challenge the status quo. We need leaders who have a vision for our community beyond a resort town.

Fortunately, we have a candidate for City Council who represents these things. His name is Frytz Mor. He has earned my support by running on the protection of individual liberty, addressing crumbling infrastructure ahead of development, challenging the city’s goal of increased density, and the pursuit of economic diversification.

No matter the “who,” make your voice count and vote on November 2nd .