Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Suppiger is a staunch advocate for our kids

| October 21, 2021 1:00 AM

I have known Gary Suppiger since 2009 while he was working as a volunteer at Sagle Elementary School assisting students as a math tutor in the morning before school. At the conclusion of the school year, Gary also took these same students to compete in a yearly Math Olympiad at various places within the state of Washington. He has done this for the past 16 years. It takes a special man to give up his free time, energy and effort to help students reach their potential, but that's what Gary is all about.

His website and mailings list numerous impressive personal accomplishments, touch on his advanced education, extensive community involvement, successful business, and other personal information about Gary as a loving family man. In my dealing with Gary, I have found him to be a genuinely caring person that continually goes the extra mile for others. This is further evidenced by him currently working tirelessly as your school board member during this pandemic.

I am proud to consider Gary a friend and know him as a staunch advocate for this community and all the children that attend our schools. There is NO question in my mind who is the more qualified and worthy of your vote. Vote wisely, vote Gary Suppiger for Zone 2 for LPOSD school board. Gary gets our votes.