Monday, September 20, 2021

More money doesn't mean greater success

| September 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Perhaps I am mistaken. I suspect this letter will not be selected for publication in the Daily Bee. Perhaps it's because on Aug. 11, I submitted an opinion that totaled 375 words.

The Daily Bee’s editor, Ms. Lobsinger, reminded me that letters were limited to roughly 250 words. I responded that I was asking consideration for an opinion piece. Still rejected.

Six days later, the Daily Bee published a letter of 350 words by Daniel Radford. Reclaim Idaho must be a favored subject.

Reading Daniel’s Letter caused me to think I was reading an article in “The Nation” magazine. Its Marxist ideologue reeks of divisiveness, class warfare and us against them.

Daniel appeals to everyone’s desire to enable students to have a better life and then launches into “blue collar families” versus “liberal, local upper class anti-worker instincts” and “neo-liberal hippie stuff.” He then drifted in the U.N. agenda for the 21st century about a “sustainable future.” Is there a Trojan horse in there?

Instead of focusing on more money for teachers, he should focus on why the students’ successes in math and science are falling. As the median salary of Bonner County teachers is said to be at or above the median salary of Bonner County citizens, why does more money mean success?

Perhaps if Daniel focused on reducing the administrative staff, Daniel could find a better way to more quickly relieve the burden on “blue collar families."



Editor's note: Mr. Conlin was advised that due to space constraints that it could not be guaranteed when his letter/My Turn would be published but that it would be put into the queue.