Saturday, October 23, 2021

What do we do when the pressure mounts?

by CHRIS BASSETT Contributing Writer
| September 10, 2021 1:00 AM

When we enter a season of change, like the transition of seasons here in North Idaho, we know there is often new demands for our time and attention. The needs for our time and attention can birth anxiety, worry, and pressure. The level of demand that our lives can put on us may create strain with the greater priorities in our lives.

One of the greatest lessons that the Lord has taught me in the last season was the ability to spot pressure when it's happening, and to appropriately handle it. One of the first things that tends to go when we're feeling a lot of pressure is our time with the Lord. This often is due to other people's needs whether of children, spouses, or our jobs. These demands are not bad in and of themselves and yet the pressure we feel must be handled in a way that produces life, hope, and freedom.

When I am sensing pressure to navigate a lot of activity, as well as a desire to get a lot done, I'm reminded of the story of Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence was a monk who worked in a monastery centuries ago. He was known for his incredible capacity for mercy and love. Many people would travel from all over the world to find him to be healed. Brother Lawrence was once asked what it was that allowed him to handle so much pain and suffering and to pray for so many people who were hurting and in need. His response was that he would place the people and prayers in his hands, and he would lift them to God giving those people and prayers into the Lord's hands.

That picture was especially fruitful for me as a minister because there are so many situations which we don't have capacity to handle. We are left with nothing more for us to do than entrust it to God. Learning how to put things into the hands of God and not allow the pressure of the needs of the moment to begin to drive our actions has been one of the most fruitful lessons that I've learned. I find it important when we're in seasons of transition and notice the demands changing, to not neglect our time alone with God. This act of solitude with the Lord empowers us to make the right decisions and to understand His heart in any given situation.

As the seasons change and the pressure mounts, remember to get your time alone with the Lord. There is a refreshing and renewing that comes in His presence. There is a clarity of thought around strategy and action that comes when you spend time in His presence. Often for me it is simply entrusting all the situations that are burdening me into his hands.

The more time you can spend alone with God the easier it is to navigate the pressures of this world. The pressure that He places on us is light and easy because He is the one who is moving situations, navigating hearts, and fulfilling His will in our lives.

Chris Bassett is a pastor at Harvest Valley Worship Center. Go online to or email to connect with him.