Monday, September 20, 2021

Forget nonessential taxes and remember the workers

| September 12, 2021 1:00 AM

A feeble high-five to our mayor for having the audacity to pitch yet more nickel-and-diming, non-essential taxes upon us during a time when a noticeable number our working class residents find themselves desperately challenged to afford and secure the most basic of human needs: shelter. Maybe the mayor's cleverly-named "SHTF" think tank will find it in their hearts to earmark a portion of the tax revenue for services in their new dream park for a homeless tent city and urban camper van parking lot. Or even better, incentivize the transfer of the Hive/Dive building downtown — currently listed for a hot $3.25 million, and sitting empty and unused for over a year — to the city itself to convert into affordable housing for local workers. There's an idea that would actually make a positive difference. We don't need an over-endowed music venue that already failed once: we need homes for our people.

The greed taking place in our community is insatiable. Wondering why our local restaurants and shops are ceasing operations or running reduced hours? Keep throwing millions of dollars into vanity projects to attract more big money development, and in the end there's going to be nobody left to mind the stores or sweep the floors. What's next, upgrading our $4,000 solar trash cans with rainbow color wraps? A recent quote made in the Daily Bee was correct: "Sandpoint will get what it deserves."