Thursday, September 23, 2021

Just because he gives away free stuff doesn't make BIden a leader

| September 14, 2021 1:00 AM

Recently there was a letter to the editor written by a liberal, praising Joe Biden, lauding the fact that we finally had a "leader" in the White House. I fell to the floor shrieking with laughter. That statement was a real thigh popper. The Biden fan praised our current illegitimate President because he gives away free stuff, governmental handouts that have to be paid for somehow, but no-one seems to know how, certainly wasn't addressed by our letter writer. 

Because of Biden, we now have an oil crisis. He shuts down our pipelines, destroying over 60,000 jobs, approves Russia's pipeline, and then begs OPEC for more oil. Hallmark of a leader for sure.

Inflation greater than 7%. Go Joe, work those leadership skills.

A border crisis with millions of illegal aliens — some of whom are COVID-19 positive — pouring across our southern border, enriching the cartels of Mexico, allowing children and women to be sexually assaulted and trafficked. Then when these illegal aliens are bused and flown, in the dead of night, to cities throughout the U.S. Joe Biden's federal government refuses to say where these illegals have been sent. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of our border crisis. Wow, good job, Joe.

Joe and Team Biden trying to pass a federalized version of new voting laws, removing states from running their own elections and giving all the power to the federal government. That this new voting act is unconstitutional is irrelevant to our fearless leaders. Nancy Pelosi told Joe she wanted this done, so he said OK, whatever you want Nancy.

And Joe is exhausted from freeing the Afghani people by withdrawing our troops. Oops, Taliban has just taken over the country, released thousands of radical prisoners from the prisons there, lost who knows how much in military equipment left behind. Oh wait, more free giveaways from Biden. So off Joe goes on vacation, while the military crises in Afghanistan rages on and the world watches in horror. Oh yes, Americans were left behind and told to hide. What a leader.

Joe Biden is a pathetic old fart, he is brain dead and a puppet for Obama's third term. Don't kid yourself, just because he gives a way free stuff doesn't make him a leader. It makes him a loser.