Saturday, October 23, 2021

Make sure every medical decision is an informed one

| September 19, 2021 1:00 AM

In response to Tom Barnes letter, “Anti-Vaxxers are Keeping us from Herd Immunity,” I’d like to share a few facts, with references.

  1. First, being opposed to the COVID shots, which are not vaccines in the traditional sense, is not the same as being opposed to vaccination in general. Many top vaccine proponents and researchers in the World are adamantly opposed to the shots. Even the inventor of the mRNA technology being used argues against the vaccine. (

  2. Herd immunity can only be assisted by a vaccine designed to destroy the offending virus, such as polio and measles. The current COVID shots, by the definition of their creators, are not designed to prevent the disease. They are designed to mitigate the effects once ill. In fact, these shots are likely encouraging the subsequent variants. The highest measured immunity (by a factor of 13) is amongst those recovered from COVID. (

  3. Those who have received the COVID shots are both able to catch the virus and spread it. Since they are less likely to show symptoms, they present an even greater threat. (

  4. Finally, a recent Harvard study reveals that those refusing the shot come from three distinct groups, without political affiliation. They are the most highly educated, those with the least education because they know what they don’t know, and the Black population (70% unvaccinated), which has yet to forget the disastrous Tuskegee experiments. (

The argument that those not having taken the shot should be segregated and punished in some fashion is unfounded. Do some research. Confirm every fact with multiple sources. Ensure every medical decision you make is fully informed.