Saturday, October 23, 2021

Reject division and strengthen our community

| September 19, 2021 1:00 AM

On September 7, Jeremy Conlin replied to my letter (Daily Bee, Aug. 17) promoting employment-oriented education. After spending a few paragraphs whining about word limits, he alleges that I am part of the "U.N. agenda for the 21st century." I'm not sure why he thinks the U.N. cares about jobs-oriented education for Idahoan students, but OK boomer …

Some folks have spent way too much time online and have inadvertently disconnected themselves from the realities facing our state. You can see this in Conlin's unsubstantiated claims about Bonner County schools. His sources are hearsay.

Notice, he is only concerned with math and science, and not with the systematic dismantling of jobs-oriented public school programs. This is what happens when we rely on federal mandates to measure success and don't plan for Idaho's needs. Jeremy, don't be the fed's Trojan horse.

The Quality Education Act is not more money for teachers, it is more money for schools. The most important struggle, however, will come after we qualify and pass this initiative.

Reclaim Idaho must mobilize to ensure that schools build back better jobs-oriented programs and don't waste the money on dysfunctional technology or administrative raises. This will be a local struggle for each school district after we qualify and pass the initiative.

Sign the petition and join to help us take back Idaho schools!

P.S. I kept it under 250 words, count and check if you really care that much.