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Few changes in LPOIC derby

Staff Writer | April 28, 2022 1:00 AM

There was wind and there was rain.

Some say that's the perfect recipe for a great day of fishing. If that old saw is true, that wasn't the case as the fifth day of the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club's Spring Derby wrapped up with few changes.

In fact, the only new face on the leaderboard was found in the Mackinaw division with Gale Belgarde Sr., catching a 9.70-pound, 29 inch fish to claim the sixth spot in the category.

In the rainbow division, Robert Wynhoff remains in the top spot with a 19.75-pound, 33-inch fish caught on the fourth day of the derby. Sitting in second is Bert Dennett with a 16.55-pound, 34 1/4-inch rainbow. In third in the division is Reed Hall, who caught his way onto the board on Tuesday with a 16.5-pound, 32 1/4-inch rainbow that he opted to release. In fourth is John Ross, who hooked a 16.4 pound, 35-inch fish. In fifth is Kris Kulp who lead the division in the derby's opening day with a 14.9-pound, 32-inch rainbow.

On the Mackinaw side of the division, Edward Reeves leads with at 15.30-pound, 33-inch fish. In second, is Kevin Elmore with a 13.45, 32-inch Mackinaw; and in third is Jeff Baugh with a 12.15-pound, 31 3/4-inch Mackinaw. In fourth through tenth are John Cosolito, Brad Sturgis, Gale Belgarde Sr., Becky Sturgis, Kenny Breeden, Jack Peterson, and Jim Carothers.

There are no entries yet in the Junior Division.

In the Youth A division, Kole Kramer is in first with a 28 1/2-inch rainbow which he opted to release. In second is Mason Poole with a 28-inch Mackinaw and in third is Bentley Landingham with a 23 1/4-inch rainbow.

In the Youth B division, Liam Sturgis is in first with a 32-inch Mackinaw, in second is Jozie Morrison with a 26 1/2-inch Mackinaw and in third is Owen Belgae with a 25-inch rainbow.

In the German Trout division, Gary Thompson caught a 6.40-pound, 26 3/4-inch fish.

Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club

2022 Spring Derby

Day 5 unofficial results

Adult Rainbow Trout

  1. Robert Wynhoff, 19.75 pounds, 33 inches; 2. Bert Dennett, 16.55, 34 1/4; 3. Reed Hall, 16.50, 32 1/4; 4. John Ross, 16.40, 35; 5. Kris Kulp, 14.90, 32.

Adult Mackinaw

  1. Edward Reeves, 15.30 pounds, 33 inches; 2. Kevin Elmore, 13.45, 32; 3. Jeff Baugh, 12.15, 31 3/4; 4. John Cosolito, 10.15, 27 1/4; 5. Brad Sturgis, 9.95, 29; 6. Gale Belgarde Sr., 9.70, 29; 7. Becky Sturgis, 9.50, 29 1/2; 8. Kenny Breeden, 8.90, 30 1/2; 9. Jack Peterson, 8.15, 28 1/4; 10. Jim Carothers, 8.05, 28 1/4.

Youth A

  1. Kole Kramer, 28 1/2 inch rainbow, released; 2. Mason Poole, 26 inch mackinaw; 3. Bentley Landingham, 23 1/4 inch rainbow, released.

Youth B

  1. Liam Sturgis, 32 inch mackinaw; 2. Jozie Morrison, 26 1/2 inch mackinaw; 3. Owen Belgarde, 25 inch rainbow, released.

Junior Division

No entries.

Mack of the Day

April 23 — Edward Reeves

April 24 — Edward Reeves

April 25 — Kevin Elmore

April 26 — Phil Lamothe

April 27 — Gale Belgarde Sr.

German brown trout

Gary Thompson, 6.40 pounds, 26 3/4 inches.

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