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Dave Bowman

| April 30, 2022 1:00 AM

• Profession: Retired

• Party affiliation: Republican

• Educational background: 37 years as a successful business owner

• How many years as a Bonner County resident: Homeowner since 2011, permanent resident since summer 2020

• Marital status: Married

• Family: Wife, 2 grown daughters, 1 grown stepson, 1 teen stepson.

• Hobbies: Competitive shooting, reading, writing, Jiu-Jitsu, formerly whitewater kayaking.

• Website:

  1. A thorough assessment of all county departments. Spend time with department heads and staff, find out what is working, what is not working and why.

Bring the Comprehensive Plan current with an emphasis on incorporating the 5 Sub Area Plans. The Comprehensive Plan is the vision of The People, not of the Commissioners.

A very deep dive into the cunty budget line by line, in search of any area where waste can be eliminated, or money being directed to vendors that are not serving the best interest of The People. This is more important now than ever with the high rate of inflation.

  1. Misuse of county property. The giveaway of both Camp Bay Road and the 4 acres of County property at the Sheriff’s complex were for the benefit of private corporations and not in any way in the best interest of taxpayers.

Entanglement in unnecessary lawsuits resulting from reckless BOCC decisions.

The Festival lawsuit, Camp Bay, Linscott Asphalt, SPACEX, to name a few. All unnecessary, all avoidable.

Land use. The BOCC and Planning Department are not following the law, and are unlawfully adding density at an alarming rate against the wishes of The People.

  1. Do not sell or lease County property.

Do not make reckless decisions that invite lawsuits from wronged parties.

Follow the zoning code – it is the law. Spot zoning completely negates the purpose of zoning and goes against the Will of the People expressed in the Comprehensive Plan to keep the rural character of the County.

  1. Impact fees are a fair way to offset the cost of increased infrastructure and services that result from increased development. Taxpayers are already paying for the current level of services. They should not bear the burden of increases caused by new development.
  2. No. People should not have to do battle with their elected officials just to get government to serve the People. Lawsuits should be a rare occurrence, not the only means available to the People the government exists to serve. Budget allocations should be used neither as a cudgel nor a favor, but as best serve the needs of taxpayers.
  3. Which candidates have been involved in County Commissioner issues prior to running for office? To my knowledge I am the only one who has been. We need a commissioner with a proven track record of fighting for the People at the County level.
  4. Qualifications for the office. Again – I am the only candidate who has been active at the County level, fighting and winning for the People. I never once saw any of my opponents at a hearing or business meeting until they started campaigning for office. I’ve participated in more than I can remember.

Additionally, I have 37 years of complex business experience, often managing multiple 6 and 7 figure projects simultaneously, working collaboratively with a variety of other companies and government agencies. I have negotiated challenging contracts and demonstrated proven leadership. Those are the skills a commissioner needs.

  1. I’ve already faced it; some people believe I haven’t lived here long enough. The current commissioners have lived here a long time. How’s that working out? My most ardent supporters are from multi-generational families. They recruited me into this race after witnessing my leadership, skill level and commitment to serving the People.
  2. Prior to announcing your candidacy, how many Planning and Zoning hearings or Board of Commissioners hearings or business meetings did you attend and how many of those did you speak at?

My answer: I have been very actively engaged for well over the past year.

  1. On top of my 37 successful years in business and my proven track record at the County, I am endorsed by Bonner County’s Constitutional Sheriff, Daryl Wheeler. Sheriff Wheeler has served the County for 13 years and is widely respected by the People for good reason – he has their backs – as I do now and will more so as a Commissioner. I am a law-and-order patriot and will work diligently and cooperatively with the Sheriff and other elected officials to put this County back in the hands of the People.

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