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Randi Flaherty

| April 30, 2022 1:00 AM

• Profession: Senor Deputy Recorder

• Party affiliation: Republican

• Educational background: Diploma, 18 years county government

• How many years as a Bonner County resident: 30

• Marital status: married

• Family: Husband Kelly Flaherty, 1 son, and daughter-in-law and two grown grandsons

• Hobbies: Family, Fishing, Hunting, ATV, recreational outdoors

• Website:

  1. I do not make promises due to the fact they are unattainable or feasible as we are inheriting plans and budgets that are already set by the current board when we take office. To create a long-term plan to handle the smart growth for Bonner County, to have a proper comp plan in place and that it be fair and followed lawfully by all.
  2. • No plan for infrastructure and impact fees. 1-A. We do not currently assess impact fees to the developers, so the taxpayers do not have to absorb the cost for the profits of development.

• Our current comp plan is outdated and not being followed by the law. Tile 12 is being changed or amended and its not being handled fairly. Overgrowth, with no plan for the future.

• To take back control for growth and create a plan for the future and generations to come how to handle such growth. 3-A. To work with my other commissioners and come up with the best solution plan for the people of whom we serve.

  1. To create impact fees for development, and work with legislature and more tax exemptions for the elderly and fixed income. To have legislation add schools to public facilities, so we can allocate impact fess towards schools and all other areas of impact.
  2. “Smart growth for Bonner County” This has been my implementation from the start of my campaign. All the other candidates have used my personal information and knowledge to add this line item to their campaigns. I am glad to know that they all have so much confidence in my personal knowledge and work history to use such remarks, and I hope you do as well.
  3. I do not see us heading in the right direction, nor do the people of the county. We are in a rabbit hole, and we need to change the course, so we do not loose the county and rural areas and habitat for the future, to be smart in growth and have a plan. To protect the rights of the people.
    1. No plan for infrastructure and impact fees. 1-A. We do not currently assess impact fees to the developers. To create them so the taxpayers do not have to absorb the cost for the profits of development. And to create a proper Comp plan for all to follow.
    1. The elderly and fixed income of the people in Bonner County. We must work for better exemptions to keep them all in their home and lands that they have owned for generations.

I work with the people of the county daily and this issue is quite apparent, and it should never happen in our county, state, or nation. To see low-income housing for our people in the county.

Importance is my care for the elderly and people of the county that wish to stay and live here.

  1. I’m not a mud slinger, and I hope that my other candidates follow suit, we are not children or in grade school, so this line item should never be an issue!
  2. How long have you been a Republican? I think it's important in the fact that you have been politically aligned with the party and not just align because you are running for office. I have been a Republican for 40 years.
  3. Eighteen years of county government experience, I have been a republican for 40 years, and have not changed because I am running for office. To be a voice of the people and listen to the wants, needs and concerns of the people for which we serve. To be a good steward of county property and make sure the people are aware of what’s being done and passed at the county level. To have better communication for the people. I have the knowledge and experience from working with all aspects of county offices and look forward to getting your vote May 17. Elect Randi Flaherty for smart growth For Bonner County, let.s work together for positive changes.

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