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Modern Goddess opens for business

Staff Writer | August 9, 2022 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT – Attaining a sun-kissed glow just became that much easier — and healthier — with the newly opened Modern Goddess Tanning Salon.

After a six-year career in escrow and sometime providing in-home care to developmentally disabled adults, Talia Hindberg, 27, said she made a leap to switch to the beauty industry after realizing that sitting behind a desk just wasn’t for her.

Spending time with friends and family helping them with hair, make-up, and other beauty maintenance, the Sandpoint native said she found she not only enjoyed doing it but found even more joy in the feeling she saw in her friends and family when they saw the finished product of her work.

“I walked into the house and I said, I'm quitting my job. He goes [Hindberg’s partner], ‘What?’ [I repeated].’I'm quitting my job. I'm done. I'm not doing it anymore. I'm doing something else. I'm gonna go to cosmetology school. I'm gonna start spray tanning in the meantime,’ ” Hindberg said

After taking a course offered by another local spray tan technician, Hindberg went about setting up and getting established in a space. Located in the upstairs of Syringa Salon in Sandpoint, Hindberg is open for business.

With organic vegan formulas and additives that can improve skin health, Hindberg said her main goal is to offer another way for women to empower themselves through beauty.

“I'm actually very, women should encourage women and we should all be friends. I'm very encouraging and support each other. You're freaking beautiful. Why are we shaming each other?” Hindberg said.

Armed with a spray tan gun, and an empowerment mindset Hindberg is currently taking appointments through her website, waiting for anyone to come get that perfect glow and let their confidence shine.


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