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LPOSD board talks 'parental rights' proposed policy

Hagadone News Network | February 11, 2022 1:00 AM

PONDERAY — A new parental rights policy got its debut at the Lake Pend Oreille School Board’s Feb. 8 meeting.

Trustee Tonya Sherman said she was impressed by the feedback from the survey sent out to community members and parents to garner input on the issue. She said it was amazing to see the wide and varied opinions and beliefs the survey revealed.

Sherman suggested there be a summary of the intent of the parental rights above the policy to consolidate everything in code and to make the policy easier for parents to understand. LPOSD Superintendent Tom Albertson said it could be done and put into layman's terms in order to assist with those that are not used to reading policy.

This was only a discussion of the policy of the board and there was no decision. The policy will most likely be amended as the legislative session continues, LPOSD Superintendent Tom Albertson said.

“When I reached out to this there was still a lot of confusion statewide. I think this was put through very quickly at the end of the session last April, in my interpretation, and signed into law,” Albertson said.

He said this is why he believed the House of Representatives and Senate will be revising the policy and LPOSD will have to wait until the results are finalized.

Chair Geraldine Lewis agreed and said that she would like to wait another month into the legislative session as more information comes forward before putting the parental rights “firmly into policy.”

The board also discussed committees that the district could bring into effect, such as a curriculum committee when shopping for new curriculum, facilities and a financial committee.

When a new superintendent is hired a committee for LPOSD’s five-year plan will have to be formed, Albertson said.

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