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Legals for January, 4 2022

| January 4, 2022 12:00 AM

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bonner County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold public hearings beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 3, 2022 in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the Bonner County Administration Building, 1500 Highway 2, Sandpoint, Idaho, by Zoom teleconference, and YouTube Livestream to consider the following requests: File CUP0023-21 - Conditional Use Permit - Stan Kraly is requesting a Conditional Use Permit for a church on 2.5 acres of the 17.68-acre parcel. The property is zoned Agricultural/Forestry. The project is located off Colburn Culver Road in Section 4, Township 57 North, Range 1 West, Boise-Meridian. File CUP0026-21 - Conditional Use Permit - Communications Tower - Valiant Idaho, LLC is requesting a Conditional Use Permit for a communications tower on a 93.96- acre parcel. The property is zoned Recreation. The project is located off State Highway 200 and South Idaho Club Drive in Section 6, Township 57 North, Range 1 East, Boise-Meridian. File V0028-21 - Depth to Width Ratio & Angle of Intersection Variance - Gail Wolf is requesting a depth to width ratio of up to 8.5:1 where 3:1 is required and an angle of intersection of 84° to 96° degrees where 85° to 95° is required to combine adjacent lots currently divided by a private easement. The properties are zoned Rural-5. The project is located off Mountain Estates Drive in Section 3, Township 55 North, Range 4 West, Boise-Meridian. File V0029-21 - Lot Size Minimum Variance - John & Gayle Grubich are requesting a lot size minimum of 0.919 acres where ten acres is required. The lot began as a legal nonconforming lot of 0.963 acres. The request includes a property line setback of 6 feet. The property is zoned Rural-10. The project is located off Eureka Road in a portion of Section 27, Township 57 North, Range 01 West, Boise-Meridian. File V0030-21 - Street Setback Variance - Michael & Patricia Gaylord are requesting an 8-foot street setback where 25 feet is required to build a small two car garage. The property is zoned Recreation. The project is located off West Garfield Bay Road in a portion of Section 21, Township 56 North, Range 01 West, Boise-Meridian. If interested in participating, please visit our website for details at: Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the public hearing should contact the Bonner County Planning Department at (208) 265-1458 at least 48 hours before the hearing. ** Written statements must be submitted to the planning department record no later than seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. Written statements not exceeding one standard letter sized, single spaced page may be submitted at the public hearing. Comments can be sent to the Bonner County Planning Department at 1500 Highway 2, Suite 208, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864; faxed to (866) 537-4935 or e-mailed to planning@bonnercountyid.govAdditional information is available at the planning department. Staff reports are available at the planning department or may be viewed at 7 days prior to the scheduled hearing. Any affected person as defined by Idaho Code, Title 67, Chapter 65, may present an appeal to the Board of County Commissions from any final decision by the Bonner County Planning and Zoning Commission. (Bonner County Revised Code, Section 12-262) SNP LEGAL 1121 AD#506142 JANUARY 4, 2022

BONNER COUNTY ANNUAL ROAD AND STREET FINANCIAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 Beginning Balance as of October 1, 2020 $ 266,619 Receipts: Local Funding Sources $ 6,180,888 State Funding Sources $ 4,636,431 Federal Funding Sources $ 739,803 Total Receipts $11,557,121 Disbursements: New Construction $ 71,213 Reconstruction/Replacement $ 4,094,883 Routine Maintenance $ 4,531,088 Equipment $ 1,728,079 Administration $ 728,537 Other (Includes payments to other local governments) $ 207,596 Total Disbursements $11,361,396 Retained for future projects (Plows,Paving) $ 411,259 Retained for General Funds and Operations $ 51,085 Ending Balance $ 0 This report has been submitted to the Idaho State Controller as required by Idaho Code Section 40-708. SIGNED: Jeff Connolly, Dan McDonald and Steve Bradshaw, Bonner County Commissioners ATTEST: Claire May, Executive Assistant / Deputy Clerk SNP LEGAL 1115 AD#505687 JANUARY 4, 2022

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Ponderay City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 6:00 p.m., to consider the following request: File SS21-032, Tab L. and Dana L. Anderson are requesting approval to further subdivide an existing 4.07-acre platted lot, into a 2.506-acre lot with proposed 50-foot right-of-way dedication and a proposed ±.940-acre right-of-way tract in accordance with Ponderay City Code 9-5C-15. The property is zoned Rural and is located south of Craigs Court in Section 2, 57N, Range 2 West, Boise Meridian, more specifically described as Craigs Forest Tracts, Lot 16. The Ponderay Planning Commission recommend approval of this project unanimously at its regularly scheduled meeting on December 15, 2021. An electronic method of participation has also been established for the applicants and members of the public who wish to participate remotely. Please visit the project page for these files on the City of Ponderay website at for information on how to register in advance of the meeting. Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the public hearing should contact the Ponderay Planning Department at (208) 265-5468 at least 48 hours before the hearing. All written comments will be accepted up until one week prior to the hearing. Written comments of less than one page and oral testimony will be accepted until the close of the public comment portion of the hearing. Comments may be mailed to Ponderay - City Planning, P.O. Box 500, Ponderay, ID 83852 or via e-mail to Additional information is available at the planning department. SNP LEGAL 1117 AD#505889 JANUARY 4, 2022

City of Sandpoint Annual Road & Street Financial Report For Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2021 This certified report of dedicated funds is hereby submitted to the State Auditor as required by 40-708, Idaho Code. Beginning Balance of October 1, 2020 - Receipts: Local Funding Sources 1,659,035 State Fund Sources 539,496 Federal Funding Sources 28,263 Total Receipts 2,226,794 Disbursements: New Construction - Reconstruction/Replacement/Rehabilitation 383,423 Routine Maintenance 542,404 Equipment 130,896 Administration 665,415 Other 240,616 Obligated for specific future project 264,040 Total Disbursements 2,226,794 Ending Balance September 30, 2021 - SNP LEGAL 1107 AD#504578 JANUARY 4, 2022

IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY LEGAL NOTICE OF CATE GORICAL EXCLUSION FOR THE CITY OF CLARK FORK DRINKING WATER IMPROVEMENT PROJECT The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has determined that the proposed drinking water improvement project for the City of Clark Fork, Bonner County, Idaho, conforms to the State Environmental Review Process (SERP), "Rules for Administration of Wastewater and Drinking Water Loan Funds" (IDAPA 58.01.12) and "Rules for Administration of Planning Grants for Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities" (IDAPA 58.01.22) by which the project is eligible for a categorical exclusion. Accordingly, the project is exempted from further substantive environmental review requirements. Project Description: *Upgrading the existing well on 9th Avenue; *Constructing a new, approximately 220,000 gallon water tank adjacent to the current storage tank; *Revising piping from tank to cross under Highway 200 bridge over Lightning Creek; *Replacing existing undersized cast iron and galvanized steel water lines; and *Installing a water treatment plant located near the 9th Avenue well. Copies of the notice of Cat Ex and the environmental information document upon which it is based are available for public review by submitting a public records request, pursuant to Idaho Code § 74-101, et seq. A request may be submitted at The records may also be available for public review at the following locations: City of Clark Fork P.O. Box 10 Clark Fork, ID 83811-0010 Contact: Amber Burgess, City Clerk/Treasurer, (208) 266-1315, SNP LEGAL 1118 AD#505911 JANUARY 4, 2022

AMENDED NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE (to correct legal description) On Tuesday, the 4th day of May, 2021, at the hour of 11:00 o'clock, a.m. Pacific Time, in the office of Attorney J. T. Diehl, located at 106 West Superior Street, Sandpoint, County of Bonner, State of Idaho, Attorney J. T. DIEHL, as Successor Trustee to TitleOne, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in lawful money of the United States of America, all payable at the time of the sale, the following described real property, situated in the County of Bonner, State of Idaho, and described as follows: Lot 3 of SKY HIGH SUBDIVISION, according to the Official Plat recorded in Book 13 of Plats, page 39, records of Bonner County, Idaho. The Successor Trustee has no knowledge of a more particular description of the above referenced real property, but for the purposes of compliance with Idaho Code §60-113, the Trustee has been informed that the address of 560 Marshalls Way, Cocolalla, Idaho 83813, may sometimes be associated with said real property. Said sale shall be made without covenant or warranty regarding title, possession or encumbrances to satisfy the obligation secured by and pursuant to the power of sale conferred in the Deed of Trust executed by MARK W. CAMPBELL and PAULA J. CAMPBELL, husband and wife, (referred to as Grantor), to TitleOne and to its Successor Trustee, Attorney J. T. Diehl, for the benefit and security of DAVID R. MARSHALL, TRUSTEE OF THE MARSHALL LIVING TRUST DATED OCTOBER 10, 2005, as Beneficiary, recorded on November 9, 2020, as Instrument No. 969682, records of Bonner County, Idaho. The above Grantor is named to comply with Idaho Code §45-1506(4)(a). No representation is made that it is or is not presently responsible for this obligation. The default for which this sale is to be made is the failure to pay the balance of principal and interest when due under the Deed of Trust and Promissory Note; together with service charges, late fees and any other costs, fees or expenses incurred by Beneficiary and/or Trustee associated with this foreclosure; the failure to pay the past due real estate taxes owing to Bonner County; and the failure to pay and properly discharge liens and encumbrances filed against the property. As of December 13, 2021, the principal balance owing is $133,463.44, together with interest accrued thereon in the sum of $614.30, for a total of principal and interest due and owing as of December 13, 2021, of $134,077.76, which principal amount continues to accrue interest at the per diem rate of $21.94 per day. In addition to the principal and the interest continuing to accrue there are also late charges, default fees, attorney's fees, trustee's fees, insurance, unpaid and accruing taxes, assessments, and other expenses associated with recording and mailing. All delinquent amounts are now due, together with any accruing charges and interest, unpaid and accruing taxes, assessments, trustee's fees, attorney's fees, recording costs, mailing fees and any additional amounts advanced to protect the security associated with this foreclosure, and that the Beneficiary elects to sell or cause the trust property to be sold to satisfy said obligation. DATED this 27th day of December, 2021. /s/ J.T.Diehl Attorney J. T. DIEHL, Successor Trustee 106 W. Superior Street Sandpoint, ID 83864 (208) 263-8529 SNP LEGAL 1112 AD#505124 JANUARY 4, 11, 18, 25, 2022

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