Saturday, January 29, 2022

Be thoughtful about public art, placement

| January 6, 2022 1:00 AM

Recently local businesses downtown were vandalized with petty graffiti. Included in this is 7B Board Shop, Monarch Mountain Coffee, and The Burger Dock. As a young adult I understand the excitement of going into the night to lay your mark on the world, but I ask those doing it, to reconsider how they approach their vandalism. Simply accepting what is being done is unacceptable, but to become more strict about catching those doing it promotes the risky behavior further.

In the past when tagging I would stick to a strict moral code: First, don't tag local businesses. It is costly to the owners to take time to clean up these messes and I would wager most businesses, especially culinary, are privileged to be able to serve to our community year-round.

Second, tag locations that are abandoned or do not directly affect the community perception. Under bridges, old concrete structures along the Bay Trail, and personally built walls in a backyard for practicing your art are preferred alternatives.

Sandpoint is a community of the arts and as such we are very supportive of artistic talent. As an artist myself, nothing feels more dope than being able to see a piece I've designed in a public space. So I humbly ask, that those who do tag to be thoughtful of what, and where you plan to put up your public art; to think twice before you go out into the night with a bag of paint.



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