Saturday, January 29, 2022

Speculation based on prejudices have no place here

| January 9, 2022 1:00 AM

A recent liberal propaganda piece tried to explain to us what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse. We know what happened, we don’t need your biased liberal take. Not only is it factually incorrect, but I wonder why you think your opinion is so special? Just more of the same liberal junk. For example, you state in the fourth paragraph “he didn’t have to be there, period.” 

I am so sick of this liberal rant perpetuated endlessly in the media and repeated by armchair liberals. You seem to forget or hope to ignore the fact that the two people who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse, and the one that survived (who admitted in court to pointing a gun at Kyle) didn’t have to be there either. They chose to go to loot, burn and attack. That was their choice. They then chose to attack, and attempt to kill, an armed man. Can’t fix stupid. They got what they deserved. It is their own fault, don’t blame Kyle for defending himself. The criminals killed by kyle put themselves in that situation.

And to say he should have stayed home if “he feared for his life” you don’t seem to “get” that he feared for his life after his life was threatened by criminals trying to kill him. He did not get off the couch in his home and go to Kenosha, even though he feared for his life. Do you see the difference?

And please, please, please stop blaming white men being in power blah, blah, blah. We are all fed up with that liberal mantra. And trying to race bait by saying “if he was a person of color” he would have been shot multiple times by law enforcement and died at the scene. That is not what happened so stop trying to inject facts not in evidence and turn this in to a racial and police hatred scenario. Didn’t happen, speculation based on your prejudices have no place here. 

Just trying to improve the world by racism and anti-police rhetoric. No thanks, we don’t want your bias.



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