Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Positive words and logical behavior inspire the same

| January 11, 2022 1:00 AM

I’m writing in reference to a recent letter submitted by Steve Johnson highlighting some rather disconnected “alternative realities” of American history.

Mr. Johnson didn’t expand much on the more relevant present-day alternative reality, the one referred to as wokeness (AKA white guilt), a campaign of despotic propaganda tirelessly regurgitated by media and government. The one that stirs up racial discord by pointing out elephants in rooms one has to squint real hard to see. The one that fetishizes one culture of people over another with silly acronyms based solely upon skin color. The one that downgrades another culture with usage of diminutive grammar. Take note of the new journalistic standard of proper noun usage for all cultures of people, except one: white.

In reality, Johnson's “deadly examples” are, unfortunately, just recurring incidents of herd mentality or "group think." Most people are wired to be followers, and it doesn’t take much more than coordinated buzzwords and outright fear mongering for leaders to convert a following of monkey-see monkey-do minions. Whining about unfortunate events of humanity without proposing a resolution or progressive call to action is just that: whining. Want to conquer a “war of aggression?” Start by tuning out that news program or social media feed and using your own noggin to make your world a better place, right here, and right now. Positive words and logical behavior inspire more positive words and logical behavior.



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