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BTAA waiving adoption fees through July 16

| July 7, 2022 1:00 AM

Like most animal shelters across the country, Better Together Animal Alliance is experiencing an increase in adult animals arriving at their animal care center and staying for more extended periods of time.

To help create space and provide some relief for animals and staff, adoption fees at BTAA for all adult animals are waived through July 16 thanks to a generous sponsor, center officials said.

“There are many factors contributing to our increased dog and cat population in the care center,” Devin Laundrie, operations director at BTAA, said. “We are seeing financial, health, and housing instabilities play out in our community. People are having to make hard decisions to surrender their loved pets. Our goal is to keep pets out of cages. We do our best to provide a comfortable environment, but it isn’t a home and can be stressful. We need people to come in and adopt. We need help getting these wonderful pets back into homes."

While not everyone is in a position to adopt a pet right now, BTAA officials said there are a number of other ways to help and support these animals and find them homes during this time.

They include:

“We have so many fantastic dogs and cats that would make great additions to any household,” Laundrie said. “I’m hopeful we can rally together to find homes for each one of these animals.”

Information: Better Together Animal Alliance, 208-265-7297, ext. 100, or online at



Scout is a 2-year-old dog available for adoption at Better Together Animal Alliance. BTAA is waiving adoption fees July 2-16 to help adult cats and dogs find homes faster

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