Thursday, September 21, 2023

God created scientists to warn of climate crisis

| July 28, 2022 1:00 AM

This is a message to the climate change deniers for when they finally see that there really is a human caused climate change crises.

Are you familiar with the story about the man whose home was flooded and He prayed to God to save him?

First, someone in a rowboat came by and offered to rescue him, but he refused, saying, “God will save me.”

The waters continued to rise, and a motorboat came by and offered to rescue him, but he refused and said, “God will save me.”

Then as the waters rose, he climbed up on his roof and a helicopter dropped him a ladder. But still he refused, saying “God will save me.”

So the waters rose over his head and he drowned. When he got to heaven, he asked God why He didn’t save him, and God said, “I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat and a helicopter. What more do you want?”

You climate change deniers need to know your God created science and sent scientists to warn you of the current and coming climate disaster so you could change your ways.

BTW, many deniers like to say climate change is part of their God’s plan. What does this say them? Think about it.



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