Monday, August 15, 2022

Trigger law will stifle pro-life message

| July 31, 2022 1:00 AM

In less than a month abortion will become illegal in Idaho through the abortion trigger law. Let us look at what will happen next.

For decades there have been no abortion services available in North, Central, or Southeast Idaho. There are only one or two clinics near Boise. Like before, healthy women wanting an abortion will go to Washington and Oregon. Both of those states are gearing up to help Idaho refugees.

Women who want to have their baby, but who have health problems are the ones facing the crisis. The law makes it a felony for a doctor to protect a women’s health by aborting the fetus. Some of the health issues, but not all are; heart attack, stroke, cancer, extremely high blood pressure and bleeding. This is a very partial list. The doctor can save the women’s life but only if he can prove she would die. How do you prove a negative? Women will be pushed to the brink of death and some of them will die.

Since we have made abortion a crime women will not be able to talk to pro-life people about other options or the mother could be branded a criminal. This secrecy will keep many from information about the pro-life options like adoption.

The result will be abortion will increase, women will die, and the pro-life message will be stifled.



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