Friday, June 24, 2022

Klienkauf notches second league win in a row

Sports Editor | June 15, 2022 1:00 AM

Karl Klienkauf notched his second singles league victory in a row at the Baldfoot Disc Golf Course.

He finished with a score of 46, eight under par with nine birdies.

Klienkauf hit seven birdies between holes seven and 13. He bogeyed on hole number 14, but that didn’t seem to matter given that he was two strokes ahead almost the entire way.

Riley Emmer finished in second place with a score of 48, six under par.

He started his round by notching two birdies on the first four holes.

He followed that up with two pars on holes five and six, followed by two birdies on seven and eight. He had a misstep on hole nine with a bogey, but he answered back well with three straight birdies.

Those two ran the course for the day, with third place golfer Shane Butler finishing four strokes behind with a score of 52, two under par.

Butler had a rough start to the round in less than ideal conditions with two back-to-back bogeys.

He managed to rebound with two straight pars. He notched his first birdie of the round on hole number five and followed that up with his second of the day on hole seven.

After two pars on holes eight and nine, he hit two more back-to-back birdies on holes 10 and 11.

The conditions on the course were felt with the lack of birdies throughout the round. Klienkauf notched the most birdies throughout the round with nine. Riley Emmer had eight and fourth-place finisher Erik Rasmussen notched seven.

TEAM SCORES — 1, Karl Kleinkauf 46. 2, Riley Emmer 48. 3, Shane Butler 52. T4, Christian Cook 53. T4, Dave D, 53. T4, Erik Rasmussen, 53. T4, Mike Brown, 53. T8, Charlie Walker 54. T8, Daniel Pfeifer, 54. 10, Michael Givens, 55. T11, Jacob Hughes, 56. T11, RJ Dixon, 56. 13, Rex Edwards, 59. 14, Bill 60. 15, Haven Burton, 61. 16, Ryan Peterson, 63. 17, Cami Kleinkauf, 64. 18, Aaron Crossingham, 66. T19, Greg Shkuratoff, 67. T19, Jeff Cowley, 67. T19, Jennifer Klienkauf, 67. 22, Bobby Shaw, 69.

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