Friday, June 24, 2022

Vulgarity is offensive, not acceptable

| June 19, 2022 1:00 AM

The large signs for sale at the flea market on U.S. 2 between Oldtown and Newport are vulgar: “bad mannered, uncouth, discourteous, rude, offensive, crude, bad, improper, tasteless.”

You are free to express your beliefs but even my staunchly conservative republican parents were offended by the “F bomb.” Everyone who drives by is exposed to offensive words and symbols on the signs. I don’t want my grandchildren exposed to this. I no longer shop there. I am angered by these utterly nasty messages.

Many people both male and female, young and old, find this irresponsible. Our mothers taught us some words should not be used publicly because they are incredibly offensive. It is not that many of us don’t use swear words but most of us know that only an asinine person uses them in indiscriminately in public because of the people we might offend. If you can’t state your message without resorting to vulgarity maybe you should get out a dictionary and learn an intelligent way to express yourself. A dictionary is a book.

If you agree with me, honk your horn and pass by the flea market every time you see these disgusting signs. Common sense is lacking on the part of the people who own the flea market and the vendor who displays the signs. Maybe they will smarten up. By the way I learned from a Catholic nun that the word on these signs stands for “for unlawful carnal knowledge,” and was painted upon scaffolds where people were restrained so others would know what their crime was. It was abbreviated to the first four letters because it was too long to print the whole thing. If you agree with me, honk and ask friends to honk. The people who are behind this should be ashamed.


Priest River

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