Monday, May 16, 2022

Omodt has realistic plan to handle area's growth

| May 13, 2022 1:00 AM

Luke Omodt is a North Idaho native and favorite son. He attended local public schools, served his country as a solider in the National Guard for 23 years, and has worked as an educator in our public schools for over 10 years. His entire adult life has been devoted to service and community. He is now a candidate for country commissioner. As commissioner Luke will be a pragmatic principled leader. Luke is a responsible collaborator. He builds bridges and finds common sense solutions.

Growth is inevitable but can be navigated responsibly. Luke would prioritize and update our county’s comprehensive plan with public involvement and then stick to it. No exemptions for big money , large corporations, or fast talking lawyers. The cost of land and housing in Bonner County has skyrocketed the last couple of years. Luke is the only candidate with a realistic plan for affordable housing for our young citizens so they can continue to live in the county where they grew up. It cannot happen without public involvement and coordination with other public agencies.

Bonner County is nearly half public land. Luke supports natural resource conservation, stewardship, unrestricted public access, and maintaining our clean water and air. With Luke the county would never spend hundreds of thousands of public dollars on frivolous lawsuits against the city and state where we live. Be responsible, vote Luke Omodt May 17.