Monday, May 16, 2022

Wasden should not remain as Idaho AG

| May 13, 2022 1:00 AM

Idaho Attorney General Wasden is long past needing to be voted out of office. His actions allowing the corruption of the Idaho birth certificate makes them worthless.  

Attorney General Wasden agreed with the transgendered individuals (Case no. 1:17-cv-000170-CWD Dkt. 51 p.3) who requested Idaho’s vital statistics issue amended birth certificates. Idaho’s AG “conceded that no rational basis justifies treating transgender persons … different than other persons.” And “No rational basis justifies the practice of automatically rejecting transgender person’ applications to change the 'sex' designation on their birth certificates in a confidential manner.”

How about considering facts, truth and facilitating putting women and children at risk by concealing they are men, just to name a few reasons.

The AG defense of this suit ended with stipulating to $75,000 (id. Dkt.44) of legal fees awarded to the plaintiffs and the federal court ordering Idaho to issue original unaltered birth certificates allowing their “sex” designation to be changed. (id. 28) The AG filed no appeal. Wasden’s defense, resultant court decision and order corrupt the very reason for birth certificates and is repugnant to truth.

Let’s get Wasden out of office.


Bonners Ferry