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Herndon, Dixon win GOP bids for LD1 seats

Staff Writer | May 18, 2022 1:00 AM

It was a mix of incumbents and challengers winning the day in Tuesday's election with the final results being counted in the early hours the following day.

The election went fairly smoothly, other than a few complaints about election signs and candidates' supporters waving signs near polling sites, Bonner County Clerk Michael Rosedale said.

Bonner County races

In the race for Bonner County commissioner, District 2, Asia Williams won the Republican nomination for the seat with 5,620 votes, or 48.89%. Incumbent Jeff Connolly received 4,614 votes, or 40.14%; and Randi Flaherty received 1,262 votes, or 10.97%.

In the race for Bonner County commissioner, District 3, Luke Omodt received 3,873 votes, or 34.45% to claim the Republican nomination. Ron Korn received 3,069 votes, or 27.30%, Dave Bowman received 2,236 votes, or 19.89%; Rich Harter received 1,594 votes, or 14.18%; and Brian Riley received 470 votes, or 4.18%.

Incumbent Bonner County Clerk Michael Rosedale, who ran unopposed, received 8,746 votes.

Running unopposed for Bonner County Treasurer was Clorrisa Koster, who received 9,219 votes.

In the Bonner County Assessor's race, Grant Dorman received 5,720 votes, or 50.38%, to claim the GOP nomination for the seat. Incumbent Donna Gow received 3,007 votes, or 26.48%, and Jessi Webster received 2,627 votes, or 23.14%.

Running unopposed for Bonner County Coroner was incumbent Robert Beers, who received 9,083 votes.

In the First Judicial District Court races, in Bonner County Barbara Buchanan received 7,370 votes in an attempt to retain her post, Cynthia K.C. Meyer received 7,957 votes in an attempt to retain her seat, John T. Mitchell received 7,974 votes in an attempt to retain his seat,

Lamont Christian Berecz received 6,914 in an attempt to retain his seat, Barry McHugh received 7,870 votes to succeed Judge Lansing Haynes, who opted to not to seek reelection; and Rich Christensen received 5,463 votes, or 57.82%, while challenger Stanley T. Mortensen received 3,986 votes, or 42.18%.

Idaho Legislative District 1

With all ballots counted, Scott Herndon has won the Republican nomination for the District 1 Idaho Senate seat, defeating incumbent Jim Woodward. Herndon received a total of 7,771 votes district-wide to Woodward's 6,064.

For District 1’s state House representative position A, made open when Heather Scott was moved to the new District 2, on the Mark Sauter received 4,816 votes, or 38.25%, to claim the Republican nomination for the District 1A seat. Spencer Hutchings received 4,093 votes, or 32.51%; Adam Rorick received 749 votes, or 5.95%; Travis Thompson received 1,929 votes, or 15.32%; and Cynthia P Weiss received 1,004 votes, or 7.97%..

On the Democratic side of the ticket, Steve Johnson received 973 votes.

For District 1’s state House representative position B, incumbent Sage G. Dixon received 7,049 votes, or 52.28% to claim the Republican nod for the Idaho House 1B seat, defeating challenger Todd Engel, who received 6,435 votes, of 47.72%. There were no Democratic candidates for the seat.


In Bonner County, in the Republican race for the governor's seat, Steven R. Bradshaw received 671 votes, or 5.47%; Ben Cannady received 20 votes, or 5.475 Edward R. Humphreys received 291 votes, or 2.37%; Ashley Jackson received 69 votes, or 0.56%; Brad Little received 4,834 votes, or 39.38%; Lisa Marie received 49 votes, or 0.40%; Janice McGeachin received 6,323 votes, or 51.51%; and Cody Usabel received 18 votes, or 0.15%.

Statewide, Little was declared the winner.

On the Democratic side of the ticket in absentee voting, Stephen Heidt received 719 votes, or 98.86%; there one write-in vote. On the Libertarian ticket, John Dionne Jr. received 14 votes, or 37.84%; and Paul Sand received 23 votes, or 62.16%.

On the Constitution Party ticket Chantyrose Davision received 20 votes.

In the Republican race for lieutenant governor in Bonnner County, Scott Bedke received 3,905 votes, or 33.59%; Daniel J. Gasiorowski received 508 votes, or 4.37%; and District 7 Rep. Priscilla Giddings, who gave up her seat to run for lieutenant governor, received 7,212 votes, or 62.04

On the Democratic side of the ticket, Terri Pickens Manweiler received 1,076 votes, or 100%; and on the Constitution Party ticket, Pro-Life (formerly knowns as Marvin Richardson) received 24 votes%.

In the race for Secretary of State, Phil McCrane received 2,904 votes, or 25.67% in the county; Dorothy Moon received 6,746 votes, or 59.63%; and Mary Souza received 1,663 votes, or 14.70%.

In the Republican race for Idaho Attorney General, in Bonner County, Raul Labrador received 5,802 votes, or 49.95%; Arthur "Art" Macomber received 3,089 votes, or 26.59%; and Lawrence Wasden received 2,725 votes, or 23.46%.

In the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, on the Republican side of the ticket in Bonner County, Debbie Critchfield received 2,550 votes, or 23%; Branden J. Durst received 6,648 votes, or 59.56%; and Sherri Ybarra received 1,889 votes, or 17.04%.

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