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Legals for November, 18 2022

| November 18, 2022 12:00 AM

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE Case No. CV09-22-1460 IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BONNER IN RE: Paulette Jo Jordan-Rohus, A petition to change the name of Paulette Jo Jordan-Rohus, now residing in the City of Sandpoint, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Bonner County, Idaho. The name will change to Paulette Jo Taurus. The Reason for the change in name is: I am no longer in contact with adopted family and I havent been married for over 10 years. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for 11:00 o’clock a.m. on December 7th 2022 at the Bonner County Courthouse before Judge J. Julian. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change. Date: 25th October 2022 /s/Michael W. Rosedale CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT /s/J Hendrickson Deputy Clerk Legal#4653 AD#568707 October 28, November 4, 11, 18, 2022 _________________________

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE Case No. CV09-22-1459 IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BONNER IN RE: Jared, James, Silveira, A petition to change the name of Jared, James, Silveira, now residing in the City of Priest River, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Bonner County, Idaho. The name will change to Jared, James, Byrnes. The reason for the change in name is: I don’t want to be associated to my biological father anymore. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for 11 o’clock a.m. on 12-7-2022 at the Bonner County Courthouse. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change. Date: Oct. 25, 2022 CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT /s/Charity L. Hadley Deputy Clerk Legal#4654 AD#568712/1952 November 4, 11, 18, 25, 2022 _________________________

Ordinance No. 683      Title 11, Building Regulations Bonner County Revised Code An Ordinance of Bonner County, Idaho, setting forth its authority; amending Bonner County Revised Code Title 11 (Building Regulations), to make the following changes to various subchapters of chapters one and two; providing for severability and providing for an effective date. Be it ordained by the Board of County Commissioners of Bonner County, Idaho that Bonner County Code be amended the summary of which, reads as follows: TITLE 11 BUILDING REGULATIONS BCRC 11-101: Removing the requirement for a Building Location Permit (BLP) on a reconstruction project. BCRC 11-104: Clarifies the Small Structure code and established the permit used to apply for a small structure. BCRC 11-105: Clarifies the site plan requirements for all building location permits requiring a site plan rather than a plot plan and setbacks from all property lines and environmental features. BRCR 11-110 and 11-119: Adds the review process for Panhandle Health District (PHD). Establishes a ten (10) day window for PHD to review new BLPs and provide a comment. Also, requires a signoff from PHD prior to occupancy or use of any structure for its intended purposes. BCRC 11-215: Adds a definition for “Occupied”. BCRC 11-219: Changes to the definition of a structure, requiring a BLP only for structure over four hundred (400) square feet. Adopted this 25th day of October, 2022.  BONNER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS /s/Dan McDonald, Chairman /s/Jeff Connolly, Commissioner /s/Steve Bradshaw, Commissioner This summary is true and complete and provides adequate notice to the public.  ATTEST: Michael W. Rosedale, Clerk By Deputy Clerk: /s/Claire May Date October 25, 2022 Legal:/s/ B. Wilson Note: Full text of this ordinance can be obtained at: Bonner County 1500 United States Highway 2, Suite #208, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 Office Hours: Monday – Thursday (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) Phone Number: (208) 265-1458 Legal#4674 AD#2318 November 18, 2022 _________________________

NOTICE INVITING BIDS OWNER: Bonner County, Idaho 1500 Highway 2, Suite 308 Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 Sealed BIDS for: Procurement of Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Loader with Plow Attachment Priest River Airport, Bonner County, Idaho ITD Project No. SP-1S6-01 will be received by the Owner at the Office of the Bonner County Commissioners, 1500 Highway 2, Suite 308, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 until 12:30 pm., Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 and then publicly opened and read aloud at 1 pm. Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Loader with Plow Attachment shall consist of a diesel-powered loader (carrier vehicle) with 3.5 yard bucket equipped with an industrial snowplow with hydraulic wings and angle with a moldboard 12-feet in length.  The Bidding Documents will be made available after 3 PM on Thursday, November 10th, 2022. Interested bidders may obtain the Bidding Documents at Bidding Documents may be ordered in hard copy format or for purchase at cost (nonrefundable). Electronic documents in PDF format may be downloaded for no cost. To automatically receive addenda, bidders must register and download or order hard copies through A Prebid Conference will not be held prior to Bid Opening. All questions regarding this procurement shall be addressed to the Engineer, T-O Engineers, 7950 N. Meadowlark Way, Suite A, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815, (208) 762-3644. Prospective Bidders shall submit written questions to the Engineer (Corrie Esvelt-Siegford at no later than 1:00 PM, Wednesday, November 30th, 2022. A Bid Guaranty, payable in cash, by cashiers check, certified check or bid bond, of 5 percent of the BID AMOUNT is required. Separate Performance and Payment Bonds each in the amount of 100 percent of the CONTRACT AMOUNT will be required. Each bidder must supply all the information required by the Bid Documents and Specifications. The Owner encourages participation by all firms qualifying under this solicitation regardless of business size or ownership. Pursuant to Idaho Code §67-2346 (2), Company (or however the company providing the services is referenced) hereby certifies that is not currently engaged in, and will not for the duration of this (agreement/contract) engage in, a boycott of goods or services from Israel or territories under its control. All prospective bidders are directed to the Instructions for Bidders for discussion of Bid policies, procedures, and requirements. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, to waive any and all informalities and to negotiate contract terms with the successful Bidder, and the right to disregard all non-conforming, non-responsive or conditional Bids. By: Bonner County, Idaho Legal#4687 AD#2506 November 10, 18, 2022 _________________________

NOTICE TO CREDITORS CASE NO. CV09-22-1366 (I.C. § 15-3-801) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BONNER IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF: CHARLES M. BULLAN, DECEASED. NOTICE IS GIVEN that Edward J. Wright, Jr., has been appointed Personal Representative of the Decedent. All persons having claims against the Decedent or his Estate are required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must be presented to the undersigned at the address below and filed with the Clerk of the Court. DATED this 8th day of November, 2022. RAMSDEN, MARFICE, EALY & DE SMET, LLP Theron J. De Smet Attorneys for the Personal Representative 700 Northwest Boulevard Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 Legal#4691 AD#2522 November 11, 18, 25, 2022 _________________________

SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION Case No. CV09-22-1395 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BONNER MARK EASTMAN, an individual; Plaintiff, vs. LEUIS A. BLOOD and HELEN M. BLOOD, husband and wife and their heirs, successors and assigns; WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY, F.S.B. as trustee for NATIONSTAR HECM ACQUISITION TRUST 2019-2; NATIONSTAR HECM ACQUISITION TRUST 2019-2; NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE, LLC d/b/a CHAMPION MORTGAGE COMPANY; HB2 ALTERNATIVE HOLDINGS, LLC; MORTGAGE ASSETS MANAGEMENT, LLC; THE SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT; and UNKNOWN OWNERS AND CLAIMANTS, together with their heirs, devisees, successors, and assigns, or any other person or entity claiming any title, right, interest or equity in that certain real property situated in Kootenai County, Idaho described as: Tax No. 9, also known as Unit No. 65 in Lot 4, Section 10, Township 54 North, Range 4 West of the Boise Meridian, Bonner County, Idaho more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at the Southeast Corner of Lot 4, Section 10; thence North 17°. West 535 feet,    North 45°, West 550 feet, North 23°, West 460  feet to the North line of Lot 4; thence West on  this North line approximately 415 feet to the  centerline drainage canal; thence On this line  South 37°, 30’ East approximately 515 feet, South 24° East approximately 1010 feet to the  South line of Lot 4; thence East on this South  line approximately 415 feet to the POINT OF  BEGINNING. Except the North 190 feet thereof. Defendants. To: LEUIS A. BLOOD and HELEN M. BLOOD, their unknown heirs, devisees, successors and assigns and all parties claiming an interest in the real property described herein. You have been sued by Mark Eastman, the Plaintiff, in the District Court in and for Bonner County, Idaho, Case No. CV09-22-1395. The nature of the claim against you is an action for Plaintiff’s quieting title to the real property legally described as the following: Tax No. 9, also known as Unit No. 65 in Lot 4, Section 10, Township 54 North, Range 4 West of the Boise Meridian, Bonner County, Idaho. Any time after 21 days following the last publication of this summons, the court may enter a judgment against you without further notice, unless prior to that time you have filed a written response in the proper form, including the Case No. CV09-22-1395, and paid any required filing fee to the Clerk of the Court at 215 S 1st Avenue, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 and served a copy of your response on the Plaintiff’s attorney at Christopher D. Gabbert of Lyons O’Dowd, PLLC at 703 E Lakeside Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814, (208) 714-0487. A copy of the Summons and Complaint can be obtained by contacting either the Clerk of the Court or the attorney for Plaintiff. If you wish legal assistance, you should immediately retain an attorney to advise you in this matter. DATED this 11/9/2022 day of November, 2022. Michael W Rosedale Clerk of the Court By:/s/Brandy l. Steiger Deputy Clerk Legal#4695 AD#2543 November 11, 18, 25, December 2, 2022 _________________________

NOTICE OF INTENT TO DISCONTINUE RAIL SERVICE AB-575 (SUB-NO. 2X) Montana Rail Link, Inc. (“MRL”) gives notice that on or about November 21, 2022, it intends to file with the Surface Transportation Board (“STB”), Washington, DC 20423, a petition for exemption under 49 U.S.C. 10502 from the prior approval requirements of 49 U.S.C. 10903, et seq., permitting MRL to (A) discontinue common carrier service over approximately 656.47 miles of non-contiguous main rail line owned by BNSF Railway Company (“BNSF”) (collectively, the “Leased Premises”), including: (1) Huntley, MT (MP 209.91) to Spurling, MT (MP 17.8); (2) Spurling, MT (MP 17.8) to Helena, MT (MP 238.4); (3) Helena, MT (MP 0.0) to Missoula, MT (MP 119.31); (4) Missoula, MT (MP 119.31) to Sandpoint Junction, ID (MP 118.7); (5) De Smet, MT (MP 0.0) to Paradise, MT (MP 64.27); (6) Laurel, MT (MP 15.15) to south of Laurel, MT (MP 514.47); and (7) Moss Main, MT (MP 0.00) to a point north of Moss Main, MT (MP 0.50); and (B) discontinue bridge-only trackage rights over approximately 96.04 miles of rail line owned by BNSF, including the following segments (collectively, the “Trackage Rights Lines”): (8) Sand Point, ID (MP 2.79) to Spokane, WA (MP 68.17); (9) from MP 68.17 to MP 69.0 near Spokane, WA; (10) from MP 0.74 to MP 1.0 near Moss Main, MT; and (11) from MP 51.07 near Garrison, MT to MP 21.5, south of Warm Springs, MT. The Leased Premises traverse the following zip codes: 59037, 59101, 59102, 59105, 59106, 59044, 59063, 59019, 59069, 59033, 59011, 59047, 59082, 59715, 59718, 59714, 59741, 59752, 59643, 59644, 59647, 59635, 59601, 59602, 59728, 59713, 59731, 59733, 59832, 59936, 59825, 59851, 59802, 59808, 59834, 59846, 59820, 59821, 59863, 59831, 59872, 59866, 59859, 59873, 59874, 59853, 59844, 83811, 83836, 83840, 83852, and 83864. The Trackage Rights Lines traverse the following zip codes in Montana: 59044, 59711, 59731, 59722 and 59756; in Idaho: 83813, 83864, 83860, 83801, 83858 and 83854; and in Washington: 99025, 99027, 99212, 99216, 99206, 99202 and 99201. The Leased Premises and the Trackage Rights Lines (collectively, the “Lines”) traverse the following counties: Yellowstone, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, Park, Gallatin, Broadwater, Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Powell, Deer Lodge, Granite, Missoula, Lake, Mineral and Sanders Counties, Montana; Bonner and Kootenai Counties, Idaho; and Spokane County, Washington. The proceeding has been docketed as AB-575 (Sub-No. 2X).  The proposed action entails the discontinuance of MRL’s rail service over the Lines with BNSF resuming operations and maintenance of the Lines. Further Board approval would be required for BNSF to abandon the Lines. Accordingly, this proceeding is exempt from environmental reporting requirements under 49 C.F.R. § 1105.6(c) and from historic reporting requirements under 49 C.F.R. § 1105.8(b), and the STB will not prepare an environmental assessment.  Appropriate offers of financial assistance to continue rail service under a subsidy can be filed with the Board. Because the proposed action is for the discontinuance of service over, but not the abandonment of the Line, requests for public use conditions and rail banking/trails will not be accepted. An original and 10 copies of any pleading in response to the proposed discontinuance of service (such as offers of financial assistance) must be filed directly with the Board’s Section of Administration, Office of Proceedings, 395 E Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20423 [See 49 C.FR. §§ 1104.1(a) and 1104.3(a)], and one copy must be served on MRL’s representative [See 49 CFR § 1104.12(a)]. Questions regarding offers of financial assistance or other such matters may be directed to the Board’s Office of Public Assistance, Governmental Affairs, and Compliance at 202-245-0230. Copies of any comments or requests for specific Board action should be served on MRL’s representatives: Rose-Michele Nardi and Crystal M. Zorbaugh, Baker & Miller PLCC, 240 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Ste. 300, Washington, DC 20037. BCB LEGAL #4699 AD #2787 NOVEMBER 18, 2022 ________________________

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