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Bulldogs win Silver Valley Tournament

Sports Reporter | November 20, 2022 1:00 AM

“What we saw over the last three days is that all of our girls stepped up,” said coach Love.

The Bulldogs took the cake over the weekend at the Silver Valley Tournament. Kelsey Cessna, Daylee Driggs, Aliya Strock, and Karlie Banks all proved to be big scores for the team.

Sandpoint scored 19 points in the first quarter then pressed Bonners Ferry with a 2, 2, 1.

“It got them out of sorts,” said Love.

The Bulldogs took advantage of the foul trouble the Badgers were in and went on to score 24 points in the second quarter.

“Our girls did a good job at attacking the basket,” said Love.

Bonners Ferry came back in the second half ready to compete. They slowed the Bulldogs offense but Sandpoint held strong.

“Our girls did a good job at handling Bonners Ferry and not letting them get too close,” said Love. “We have a lot of respect for their program and knew it was going to be a tough game.”

Sandpoint now sits 2-1 in the first week of their season.

The team topped off their win with a fro-yo stop on the way home. It was an unfulfilled promise from last year that carried into this season.

“I promised them that if they got the win they’d get fro-yo,” said Love.

Next up, the Bulldogs play away at West Valley High School on Dec. 2nd at 5:30 p.m.

Sandpoint 19 24 9 8 — 60

Bonners Ferry 13 13 7 13 — 46

SANDPOINT — Cessna 16, De. Driggs 0, Da. Driggs 13, David 0, P. Cessna 0, Richardson 5, Tuinstra 0, Bleckwenn 0, Strock 11, Laybourne 0, Banks 15, Thaete 0, David 0.

BONNERS FERRY — Petesch 2, Villaluz 2, Kimball 0, Pluid 15, Peterson 0, Hiathorn 0, Blackmore 6, Abubakon 12, Bayer 6, Flack 0, Thompkins 0, Sumpter 3, Bayer 0.

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