Sunday, October 02, 2022

Donate, volunteer, get involved and speak out

| September 22, 2022 1:00 AM

Bonner County is facing many critical land use issues that need our immediate attention. Developers are convincing the commissioners to give them the end of Camp Bay road and our lake access at no cost, so they can turn around and sell that land for millions of dollars and gate out the public. The term Urban water has been mysteriously defined as a shared private well, so that areas zoned suburban can now be subdivided into one-acre parcels without adequate services, paving the way for urban sprawl. We have commissioners who are spot zoning on request and claiming, without evidence, that there is no legal basis for the current 20 acre minimum zoning that preserves our rural areas.

As wildfires creep ever closer, many of our land use actions happen without fire district comment. The working people that keep this county going cannot afford to live here and our comprehensive plan is being rewritten with a minimum of data collection and very little public input. We need quality data and analysis, broad public input and careful planning so that we can set a course to a bright future that includes all the people of Bonner County! 

While I have lent my voice to the issues we all care about like preserving our rural character and public lake access, during my tenure on the zoning commission I was careful to maintain an open mind and professional approach to each and every file presented; my voting record reflects that.

If you care about these issues, too. Donate, volunteer, get involved and speak out.

Also, all of our local fire districts need volunteers now.



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