Sunday, October 02, 2022

Johnson is the best pick for state senate seat

| September 22, 2022 1:00 AM

This is an invitation for you to consider writing in the name Steve Johnson, the write-in independent candidate for Idaho State Legislative District 1 Senate. The place to write “Steve Johnson” as the independent candidate is on the blank line provided right below the printed name of Scott Herndon, the Republican party candidate.

Steve is the better person for the job. Here in our rural and small town legislative district, there is a generations old practice of voting for the best person, not the party. Maybe in a big city it is necessary to vote straight ticket, but we can do better here. We can more easily become acquainted with the candidates or know people who know them and their work.

Steve is a lifelong resident with varied experience in the communities of North Idaho. He is a farmer, logger, small business owner, and he has been a leader in education here. He speaks to the major issues of our time and place: fair taxation with conservative use of government money, preservation of our North Idaho quality of life, and opportunity for the upcoming generations. He shares our local values, and his message is “Doing real work for the real issues North Idahoans face.”  

You can learn more on his website:

Please join me by writing in Steve Johnson, the independent candidate, for District 1 Senate on your ballot this November.



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