Thursday, December 01, 2022

Don't bow to outsiders' political pressure

| September 25, 2022 1:00 AM

Scott Herndon won the primary for Idaho Senate by 12% of less than 50% of the registered voters in Bonner County. He’s running on funding from an out-of-state political group with ties to the Proud Boys. Many support him without understanding his positions and his backers have instructed him not to say much about those positions until after the election.

My concerns are that some of his plans involve repurposing our recreation areas to generate income and perhaps sell off those recreation areas. He is not considering the complex issues facing our area, but rather trading on knee-jerk support for conservative values. We need to deal with the current growth with a future focus and not encourage more unplanned growth.  

We do have another good and more moderate option. Steve Johnson, who has been a lifelong, productive member of the Bonner county community – farmer, educator, business owner, and family man. Steve is an experienced problem solver and servant leader who wants to reduce property taxes, improve education, and preserve our rural lifestyle.

He’s a write-in candidate, so you’ll have to remember his name to write in on the ballot on November 8th. It’s time to think locally and not bow to political pressures from outside.



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